Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I know that I did absolutely no publicity 
or notice to this link up...
but I'm not one to wait or see who would and wouldn't do it.
I like to think positive,
and I'm positive once the word gets around,
you'll all be linking up.
I hope ;)

This link up is just a little place to all gather our healthiness:
weight loss successes/failures, programs, exercise routines,
recipes, to vent, whatever you want it to be.
The only thing I don't want is your weight. 
This is a fun thing, not embarressing or shameful. 

The rules:
There are none. 
Just link up at the bottom and follow me!

Today I'm going to talk about the program both
Dan and I are using to help us get to a healthier weight and lifestyle.
When Dan and I first started dating,
Dan was about 50 pounds heavier than he is now,
and I, about 30-40 pounds lighter than I am now.
He used the Lose It iPhone App to get to where he is now.
I have never seen somebody have so much success with a program.

Now after the wedding, 
we both gained the newlywed 15+
and are both using Lose It.
I really love this app!
And it's FREE!!
It's with me at all times cause it's on my phone.
It's a calorie counter, no points involved.
And it has tons and tons of restaurants, foods, and exercises.
The iPhone App (this is not mine btw)

Not only is there an iPhone App, they also have a website where everything is as well (these two are mine)

As of last Wednesday,
I am already down over 3 pounds.
The best part is you can set how many pounds/week you want to lose
and it will tell you when you'll meet your goal when by the pounds you choose.
I have chosen 1.5 pounds/week and I should be to my goal weight by August.

What program are you using, if any? 
Do you like it??

Hope to see you all next week for Pump It Tuesday!

Ta ta for now <3

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