Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Must Sound Like a Broken Record

At this point,
you all must be super annoyed
at seeing my super happy posts about
school and how well it is going.
I just can't.help.it.
It's like a crazy obsession I have-
which I guess is a GREAT thing
because I'll never get sick of it.

last week I was crazy busy all week
with clients and not on clients.
It's prom/wedding season- 
which in turn means tons of updos
and makeup applications.
But I'm pretty good at updos
so it's more fun than nerve racking.
Here's some fun pics from
my hairdressing adventures:

My beautiful Brianne came in for a root touchup
and a cut, not a trim! We took off about 2 in of dead ends
and added some awesome layers :)

We had a barber demo- the academy was raided by cute boys

awesome design that legit took 2 min

Jules was a model for our updo demo and needed her gorg
hair curled... my fabulous curl job

what it looked like when it was down

and the finished look

I was practicing my updos on Jess.

and then I got practiced on

another updo on Jess

updo twinsies

A friend of mines daughter was going to Junior Prom
and they asked if I could do her updo and makeup.

the completed look :)

another prom updo

at the end of the week, we just play around.
I did some gorgeous curls on Rachini.

We met the singer of a local band called The Zoo while
grabbing a drink

Sir Dan and I deep frying away
(in case you didn't know, we got a deep fryer
with credit we had from the wedding. Best purchase ever!
We are masters at fries, pickles, and wings... up next:


Monday, April 29, 2013

Nicole's Fabulous 411

Good morning folks!
For some reason I am awake at 5:30am
on my day off.
Like wide awake,
not just a little awake...
I haven't yawned at all and I feel
like I could go run a marathon awake.

So, as I'm laying here all by my lonesome
while Sir Dan galavants off to work,
I decide to catch up on this weekends blog posts.
And I happen to stumble across one from
my bestie Karla (who linked up with Erin)
answering personal-ish questions.
And since I kinda love sharing,
and I'm laying here not willing to part with the fact
that I can maybe still get some sleep,
I decided to answer them too.

1. If you could do one thing differently in your life, what would it be?
Looking back, I do wish I did more things differently- been a little nicer
to people, actually tried to enjoy school, not taken things for granted...
But one thing in particular I would've changed-
I definitely should've followed my passion and gone straight to
Ricci's instead of suffering through school to get a degree I might never use
(and also put myself into $35k worth of debt).
I knew that this is what I was meant to be doing from the beginning,
but I listened more to my parents than to my heart.
I know that the time I spent at college was worth while,
I grew up a lot during those years,
but the thing that really gets me is the money I spent.
Sure it'll look great on a resume when I apply for jobs.
Sure it's where I met Sir Dan and found my soul mate.
Sure I made amazing friends.
But who's to say I wouldn't have if things were different??

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
These questions get me every time. 
Sir Dan and I have discussed this on a weekly basis.
More so now because we are nearing our one year anniversary
where we said 'in about 5 years we'd start trying for babies'
And now it's more like 4 years which is kinda scary!
In 5 years:
I'll probably be pregnant with Baby Sir NiDan,
which hopefully means we'll be financially stable living in a house
with a dog or two.
I'll have a good client base and great job,
Sir Dan will be teaching and we will have traveled.
Scary to think this might all be happening soon.

3. Do you honestly want kids?
I can honestly say that I want kids.
If I could magically birth them without pain or suffering
would be even better.
That's the only part I do not want to experience.
A while ago if you asked me this same question,
I'm not sure what my answer would've been.
But now I can say that I do-
just not anytime soon.
I like where we are now in our relationship-
I like being able to go out and not worry about a babysitter,
I like using our money for things that we need (and sometimes want)-
not on diapers and formula.

4. What has been the best moment of your life so far?
I've been fortunate to have a lot of these moments- 
especially since I met sir Dan,
and now that I'm doing what I love.
Of course our wedding was definitely top 5,
but also the many adventures I've been lucky to go on
have been as well.
One day stands out in particular:
the day Sir Dan and I really got to know each other.
We spent about 2 hours saying goodbye which was more like
rambling and talking about anything in his car.
Somehow at that moment I knew he was different,
the one.
Definitely one of my best moments.

5. What is your life theme song?
I feel like I have a lot-
depending on what I'm doing that day
and the mood I'm in.
Most of the time I'd say something
that I can bust a move to
or Cher because I am obsessed.
I'm diggin the song 'Scream and Shout'
by Will I Am and Britney Spears...
'Feel this moment' 
by Christina Aug (can never spell her last name)& Pitbull...
Don't Stop Believin'
by Journey or Glee...
Don't stop the party
by Pitbull...
I found someone
by Cher.
There's more but that's definitely a great start!!

6. What is one thing you have yet to accomplish that you want to do before you die?
Again there is many but I'll only name one for now:
Sir Dan and I want to backpack across Europe.

7. If you could choose one thing to be known for, what would it be?
Besides my awesome hair styling skills...
being an outgoing, positive, happy person.
I try to always be happy and outgoing :)

8. If you could do anything you wanted right in this very moment (no consequences, no fear, etc), what would it be?
Travel. Done.

9. What has been the most challenging moment in your life?
Money. It's such a big factor in everything and most of the time
in a negative, gets me down, kinda way.
I do not like money,
even when I have it I don't like it.
It makes life difficult and stressful.
I also believed that it is taken from us wrongly
and put towards the wrong things.
I'm not saying I want to be rich-
I just want to be stable and not worry about debt
and the challenges that are caused by it.

10. Summarize yourself in one word.
it's what happens when you take outgoing, 
bubbly, loving, and legendary and smush it into one word 
for crazy questions like this.

There ya have it...
a little more about me that you probably
didn't want to know
but now do :)
Happy Monday-
time to go back to bed for this chiquita!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Nicole's Weekly Update

Happy Monday to all.
Yup I said happy monday...
again, Mondays for me aren't the same as you all
because it's part of my weekend-
like my version of Sunday.

since I haven't been posting much
throughout the week,
I figured instead of a weekend update,
I'd do a weekly update for you all.

Last week was another packed, fun, and exciting adventure.
Monday my sister and I went shopping- we are both 
attending a wedding in May so we both bought our dresses for that.
I also scored those super bright pink pants :) 
Tuesday was super exciting in hairdressing world.
My friends and I attended the international beauty show in NYC.
They had EVERYTHING related to fashion, makeup, hair...
you name it, it was there.
I got this awesome sheer bracelet, extensions, and Essie nail polish.
The rest is just fun at school... 
I do have red violet highlights in my hair that are so much fun!
And I've gotten a ton of compliments on them too!
Friday night- Sir Dan and I headed up to northern CT for our friends
30th birthday celebration.
It was so much fun seeing everybody and hanging out...
we don't get to see them often so it's a lot of fun when we do.
Saturday I got to do my friend/coworkers hair. 
She wanted to be blond! like playboy bunny blond.
And boy oh boy did I get her close.
She's in love with them and so am I.
They came out gorgeous :)

And that's really all I got this week!
I'm doing my friends hair tomorrow,
so follow me on instagram to keep updated on the fun.


Friday, April 19, 2013

The Newlywed Game

Happy Newlywed Linkup!
I finally got it up in time :) 


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Can you believe it? Cause I can't...

I can't believe- I've already missed a couple weeks of this fun linkup

I can't believe- how much I'm obsessing over these four pairs of Michael Kors
shoes but can't afford any of them :(

I can't believe- how much black is taking over my closet because of school and work.

I can't believe- that I'm loving school this much and I look forward to going

I can't believe- that my first post in like two weeks was yesterday.

I can't believe- what happened at the Boston marathon #prayers

I can't believe- how much I love my husband

I can't believe- how badly I wish that I could snap my fingers
and be the size I want to be. #fatgirlproblems

I can't believe- it's already wednesday :)


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm Here, I'm Here!!

Hello there my blog buds!!!
I'm alive and couldn't be better.
I've been a busy little hair dressing bee
lately and have completely neglected you all.
For that I am sorry I'm not sorry.

It's truly been the best time of my life.
Other than my wedding of course.
Every day I come home happy and excited
for what I've accomplished.
Each day is a new adventure,
it's hard and challenging,
but I'm more than willing to accept the challenge.

I've slacked a bunch on this here blog 
because of all this.
My main priorities have been school,
work, my husband, family and friends.
as much as I miss you all,
I'm not mad about it.
I've read some of your bloggy blogs,
but I have definitely not been religious about it.
I hope you all understand,
I still love you all,
but right now my time is more than consumed.
I hope you'll still stick with me
and be super excited when I do pop in to say a quick
hello and share some amazeballs pictures!

Consumed with...??
Don't worry I wouldn't leave you all without
many pictures from the past couple weeks!!!
Who do you think I've turned into?
I'm still a picture freak :)

Most are pictures from school or fun adventures.
All the hair pics are challenges I've accomplished.
I bought those beautiful black wedge sneaks
and am obsessed with those MK ones.
I have the best friends and family a girl could ask for.
I also became Keratin Straightening Certified which is the 
pic of the 3rd row down 4th pic in (double pic). That's the after...
here's the process:

Sir Dan and I did make a vlog for 
the newlywed game 2 weeks ago
but weren't thrilled with our answers.
However Sir Dan did crack me up so I'll
share this little snippet for all you to see.

Well that's all I got for ya.
Today, we are heading to NYC for
the International Beauty Show
which is freakin awesome!!!
I am so excited.
Have a fabulous day :)