It's Love

The story of how it all started:

Nicole's version:
In the Fall of '09, we were both enrolled in an advanced statistcal research psychology class, required for our major. Throughout the course of the semester, we noticed each other, but never really communicated because he was sitting in a row in front of me. About halfway through the semester, I was having problems understanding how to do a graph symbolizing a regression and so were the girls next to me. They had known his name and I had no idea who he was or his name at that point, so they asked Dan for help on how to do it. On his way back to his seat, I happened to snag him and asked if he would mind explaining how to do the problem, and he did. A couple weeks go by and I started talking to Dan more and more and wanted to know more about him. So me being the detective that I was, I asked our professor who we are both pretty close to if she knew about his relationship status, and she said that she didn't think he had a girlfriend... I was ecstatic!! She also suggested that I move up into Dans row and sit next to him because I was too good to sit in the back- so I moved up a row and sat right next to Dan. One week our professor ask for an irrelevant topic for college students, and Dan being the nerd that he is yelled out: The Atomic Super Collider!! Everybody around the room looked at him but that struck up a conversation between the two of us and got the lines of communication flowing. Another couple weeks went by and we had a class presentation to do and then we were on our own till the end of the semester. The way the class was structured, after we met with our professor, we no longer had to go to class, we just had to hand in our final paper. There was one chance I had to get Dans number before I would possibly never see him again. I was ssoo nervous that he wouldn't give me his number, I met with my friend Karen before class and asked her to bring me her pheromones (which are a male attractant) so that I would have a greater chance that he would say yes. Throughout the whole class, I was texting my mom and sister because I was ssoo nervous. Dan took out his cell phone and I finally said 'Dan, I don't think I have your number.' To which he replied 'I don't believe you do.' I answered with 'I think you should give me your number.' And he did :)!!
Dan's Version:
The tempest of events which lead to Nicole and I coming together begins with mathematics, ends with social psychology, and is filled with all other kinds of chemistry and physics.  
The semester began rather suddenly, and I was instantly thrust into the grind of a whole bunch of classes I didn't have much of a desire to complete.  Thankfully, I completed them all, but none was more important than PSY 324.  In a way it was the coming together of all of my passions ... mathematics, psychology, and (now) Nicole.  At the time I sat quietly, working diligently (or seemingly so) to get the tasks complete in hopes of acquring a few extra minutes sleep in the afternoon.  By mid semester I began to help a few people in the class with the mathematics portion of our class, occupying myself as much as possible when meeting the requirement of making it to class.  About half way through the year, following helping a few friends Nicole snagged me on my way back to me seat hoping to gleen a little insight on the workings of regressions.  After a few moments I made my way back to my seat, but strangely knew this wouldn't be my last conversation with Nicole.
Over the following weeks I found myself more frequently turning around to talk to Nicole and her neighbors, trying to help as best I could.  Not much after Nicole began sitting next to me, which I will fully admit helped the strain in my neck ;)  
With Nicole sitting close to me now, it was only natural to really talk and get to know one another.  Between the Atomic Supercollider and "Come to School Drunk" Day, we spent all too much time talking during class ... but thankfully it spilled over out of class.  We sat together and talked about everything imaginable, laughing, joking, and enjoying one another.
As the semester worked it way to a close, I found myself going out of my way to find Nicole.  Downstairs, in the hall before class, even scheduling an appointment with our teacher immediately after her just on the off chance that I could see her.  Something in me told me to do it, though I was fully aware of my lack of nerve to ask for her number.   Thankfully, just prior to our appointed meetings, Nicole asked for my number instead.  ;) A few short hours later, my message sent, and our road began ...


  1. Cutest stories ever! So glad that you two met and fell in love over statistics (as a psych statistics professor, I wholeheartedly approve)! ;)

    Just stopping by from Sunday Social!
    [life of love]

  2. haha you two are total nerds huh? I love it! You sound like such a fun couple!

    Kandis at