Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Years Worth of Crap

I don't know exactly what this is-
this meaning writing back in this blog.
I have always thought about coming back
to this little ol' space, sitting down,
and starting back up again like not a day has past 
between now and January of last year.

A lot has happened in this last year:
I graduated cosmetology school.
I got a job in the most wealthy area and a very
popular salon, assisting.
I was involved in a car accident where I got
reared ended at a high speed.
That accident changed my life and my future 
as a hairstylist.
It has permanently damaged my neck to
the point where I am in pain every day even with
just a little bit of work.
However- a lot of good amidst the darkness has come from 
the asshole who wasn't paying attention while he was driving.
I was out of work for almost 8 months and in intense therapy 3-4x 
a week.
I hated every minute of it- I'm not a sitter and hate
not working.
When I finally started feeling better- an amazing job opportunity
arose and I took it. 
I had to, it is the job of my lifetime.
And it was only a couple days a week, max 15-20 hours.
With lots of room for growth and advancement.
So finally,
I am at the final stage of recovery.
I will have a permanent deficit for most of my life
because of my line of work, 
but I have been nothing but positive throughout this whole journey.

I got this arrow tattoo to always remember
this time in my life- when life is pulling you back,
be prepared for it's going to launch you into something amazing.
Everybody and their sisters, dogs, wives is has
a baby! 
And some people are obsessing over having babies.
Others are obsessing over me having babies.
This world is a crazy scary place that I'm not fond of-
I can't even imagine bringing a child into this world.
Plus- Sir Dan and I have a heck of a bucket list to fulfill.

I lost one of my best friends.
I use the term lost because she has not
tried to communicate with me the 40x I've
reached out to her.
And I don't know why or what I did.
In my mind I don't deserve this,
however there might be a reason I cannot see.

I have been line dancing every week.
Along with doing the 21 Day Fix and PIYO by beachbody.
Once I realized I would be at a permanent deficit with my neck,
I decided I need to get back into working out for me.
Sir Dan and I started in November and have had great success with it.
I can't wait to see where this journey leads us.

So if I do try and stay with this blog,
it will be about my fitness journey and 
my amazing job. 
And of course- grub 'n marriage!