About Me

Helllooo there!
I’m Nicole.
I married my best friend Dan on June 1st 2012.
I would relive our wedding day over and over if I could.
Give me a good glass of wine I’ll be your best friend.
I love my family and friends.
I live in boring Connecticut and will probably never leave.
I want to travel the world and see as much as I can.
I am a photographer on the side.
I am obsessed with taking pictures.
I’m a chocoholic and a Diet Coke addict.
Social media is my passion.
Dan and I still go on date nights even though we’re married.
One day I will be a hairdressing, sex therapist.
Getting my hair done is my favorite past time.
Smiling is my favorite.
I’m sarcastic and hate being serious.
I’m not short I’m fun sized.
I want to save every dog in the world.
I am also now a blogaholic.

I’d love for you to stick around as I go on this journey of
Love, life, and beyond.


  1. I'm also now a blogaholic! lol Found you "brunch with amber" blog hop <3Christin

  2. Nicole,
    I wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award.
    You can check out all the details here;

    I hope you have a wonderful day!