Monday, December 31, 2012

2012- My Year through Pictures

So we have made it to another New Years Eve.
And what better way to celebrate than looking at the year that has gone by.
What an amazing year 2012 was for us.
Take a walk down memory lane with me...



+ Dan and I celebrated 2 years together
+ We booked our honeymoon
+ I threw Dan a surprise 30th birthday party
+ My wedding dress came in
+ We celebrated Dans brother get engaged
+ We bought Dans wedding band
+ On January 16th we celebrated one year of being engaged
+ We were knee deep in wedding plans


+ Dan and I celebrated 100 days until our wedding
+ We had a very low key Valentines Day
+ Details for the wedding started working themselves out
+ One of my bridesmaids and best friends moved home for a couple months

+ Dan and I were in full wedding mode
+ We picked out my moms wedding dress
+ I watched my cousins cheerleading team make states
+ The bridesmaids dresses came in
+ We finalized our invitations
+ I got my love tattoo on St Pattys Day
+ I worked at the bar on St Pattys Day
+ Dan and I had one of our New Haven adventure days
+ It was my sisters birthday

+ The wedding favors were completed
+ We picked our the tuxes and colors for the groomsmen
+ We finalized all the details at the venue
+ I had my final fitting
+ I had the most amazing bridal shower ever
+ My sister went for her fitting
+ We got all the girls shoes dyed for the wedding

+ My Grandma gave us one of the best wedding gifts- a videographer
+ My sister planned the best bachelorette party in Atlantic City
+ We finalized all the wedding details 
+ We hosted our rehearsal dinner

+ June 1st, 2012- I married my soul mate
+ We had the most beautiful, most fun, amazing wedding I could have ever dreamed of
+ We went on an 8 day cruise to the Caribbean for our honeymoon
+ We treated ourselves to a balcony room
+ Dan and I had a blast 

+ Because of the wedding, 
July was a blah month...
finding an apartment and settling down after the wedding.

+ Dan and I moved back to Bethel
+ We took a road trip to see our good friends in NC
+ From NC we drove up to NJ for our family vacation
+ We fought with our photographer about the breach in contract 

+ Me and some of the girls from the bachelorette party went to AC for a sequel
+ I threw up for the first time due to alcohol
+ Dan and I celebrated my birthday at the Big E
+ I celebrated my 25th birthday
+ I watched my brother in law get married
+ We went to the Big E 2 more times
+ I started this awesome little blog
+ I reconnected with one of my good friends from high school

+ Dan and I headed up to NH for the first time
+ Went to the annual pumpkin festival at Keene
+ Celebrate Halloween as a dominatrix and pimp

+ Dan and I celebrated Thanksgiving with his families
+ We survived a hurricane
+ My parents got the newest addition to the family- Susie
+ My parents also surprised me with a huge life change which I will be blogging about soon.

+ Dan and I, Karla and Scott took an adventure to Lake Compounce for the Holiday Light Show
+ My hometown suffered a horrible tragedy that we will never forget
+ We celebrated Hannukah with my grandparents
+ We celebrated 3 Christmases
+ Took an adventure to NYC to end the year right

2012 was one of the best years of my life:
I got to marry my best friend, my soulmate.
We got to travel, move into a great apartment,
be closer to family and friends,
lose some friends but gain true friends.
I can't wait to see what 2013 brings,
and to put this change into motion.

I hope everybody has a wonderful and safe New Years Eve
and many more to come.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dear Friday...

Everybody guess what!???
At 5pm, on this day,
starts my vacation!!!!!!
I'm not going anywhere but I am just
so excited to be away from the branch...
for a whole week!!!
Especially because it's New Years.

time for my other favorite linkup with Allie!
Dear 5pm: Please come faster!!! Dear Weekend: I have tons of fun plans for you this weekend and would love it if there was no snow to ruin these fun plans. Dear NYC: I am warning you, the four of us are going to be having a ton of fun even though we are probably going to be freezing. Dear Alex and Ani: Why are you so amazing?! And why are you a little more expensive than I would like? I have at least 20 of you on my wishlist that I would love on my wristlist. Dear New Years Eve: I'm hoping this year to finally do something most Americans do... drink heavily with a group of friends. Dear GroopDealz: I have these 3 things sitting in my cart and I don't know if I should get them... take a look:
left: short infinity scarf in the medium brown.
middle: tear drop necklace in that mint color
right: little bubble necklace in white/gold
Let me know what you all think on these awesome pieces!
Dear Christmas Decor: I am going to keep you up as long as the hubs lets me. I love the sparkling lights and wintery feel. Dear Wine: We've gotten very close this week... thanks! Dear Followers: if I did a Vlog, what would you want it to be about? And don't forget to take tons of pictures this weekend for me and Karla's Monday linkup! 

Have a wonderful Friday everybody!
See you Monday to catch you up on our weekend fun
if snow doesn't ruin everything!

Ta ta for now <3


It's Ok that I am Overloading you with Christmas Pics

Am I the only one who feels like
Christmas came up really quickly,
and flew by?
It really felt like it came up suddenly,
and then it never happened!
Dan and I thought we had another 2-3 weeks 
until Christmas...
hence why we started and finished shopping on Saturday.
We actually still have some more to do
for people we have not seen yet.
But sshh!
They don't know that ;)

I am about to SUPER overload you with pictures.
I'm more about the giving and showing,
than showing what I myself received.
It's much more fun! 
I'd love it if you could stick with me and my glass o' Riesling,
there's definitely a lot of joy to share.

one: Dan and I made Santa hats out of brownies, vanilla frosting, and strawberries. Best combination of flavor EVER.
two: my cousin izzy with her favorite joey. 
three: izzy wanted me to take a picture of her smiling and petting the kitty.
four: cousin leeshy with her bud steve
five: waiting for stocking stuffer fun to begin.
if you have no idea what fun we have with stocking stuffers, check it all out in my vlog!
six: let the stocking stuffer fun begin
seven: I got this awesome penguin, snowman, santa hat!!
eight: Dan got an official thumb war arena... needless to say, I'm the champ
nine: now since you all saw my vlog, this would be what I was referring to!

One and Two: my best and favorite life long Christmas gift.
three: the four of us on Christmas eve
four: all of grams grandkids!
five: my cousin joe searching for the pickle which was actually on the outter part of the tree.
six: my sissy and I
seven: me and daddy... such a great picture of the two of us.
eight: my bling for Christmas Eve. Thank you GroopDealz
nine: my tiny and me.

one: as soon as we got to my parents after Christmas Eve celebrations, it was snowing. About a half hour later, there was already a dusting!
two: Dan with his my girl has great tatas shirt and me in my footie jammies!
three: waking up to our little chiweenie was the best! She was waiting for Santa too.
four: lulu looking very prestigious and laying smack dab on top of me.
five: lulu also got a pair of footie jammies for Christmas morning!
six and seven: Dad opening his gift from me.
eight: dads gift... it reads: Dad, Of all the walks we've taken... ...this ones my favorite and the wedding date. The picture is one of my favorites of us walking down the aisle. He cried when he opened it!
nine: Dan on puppy duty.

one: my sissy opening her Origami Owl locket I got her. The plate says always and one charm says sisters and the other is an angel wing.
two: mom opening her gift. another wedding picture of the two of us at the reception.
three: Dan and I are now famous for our chocolate croissants. So simple and ssoo delicious
four: my sister and I ready for Christmas festivities
five: Dan and I
six: sissy and her boyfriend stevie
seven: and we are off to the family festivities
eight: my grandma got my cousins mini recliners
nine: I love my wine and my makeup which was done by my sister!

one: kay and steve getting ready for more present opening
two: my cousins 
three: me with my cousins
four: now add my sister
five: tiny and I
six: steve and I... the drinkers
seven: grams got Dan a talking Achmed! We love Achmed the dead terrorist.
eight: she also got him these awesome tighty whities!! 
nine: Dan showing off his juggling skills!

Dan and I made this for my grams.
It is slightly ginormous buuttt awesome.
hanging from the bottom is little clipboard picture frames of all of grams grankids.
got this wonderful idea from pinterest.
the one on pinterest was also of a normal size that somebody could actually put on their wall for decoration.

And because it is Thursday,
I couldn't pass up my favorite linkup EVER with Amber and Neely!
I promise it'll be short.

It's ok...

...That I just bombarded everybody with pictures

...that most won't look at said pictures and/or their captions want to make another vlog wish that Christmas didn't go by so quickly

...that our plans for New Years aren't existent

...that I can't wait for February

...that I only have 2 more days until I'm off for a whole week!!!!

...that I'm addicted to Alex and Ani bracelets. I got my first one from my sister for Christmas and now I have like 20 on my wishlist

...for Karla and I to hope that we have a ton of people linking up with us for Instagramazing Monday!!
And that is all for now.
If you made it this far,
thanks for stickin with me.
If you didn't, 
then you have no idea what I'm saying so I could be saying nothing or 
something really important that you should know about :)

Ta ta for now <3

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Holiday Instagramazing Weekend

Merry Christmas Eve everybody!!
And welcome to the second rendition of
the Instagramazing Weekend linkup with 
Karla from Forever Newly Wedded!!

If you'd like to link-up, please be sure to:

1. Follow the host- Karla @ Forever Newly Wedded and the co-host- Nicole @ Grub n Marriage.
2. Put the link up button somewhere in your post or on your blog so that it links back to both of us... and don't forget to add your link when you're done :)

3. Make sure to go and visit other blogs from the link up.

4. Have Fun!! This is about showcasing your weekend, good, bad, or ugly! 

I hope you all had a fun weekend including
holiday festivities and preparations.
Dan and I just finished shopping and wrapping yesterday,
started and finished shopping Saturday,
wrapping on Sunday.
we are the king and queen of procrastination.

I digress.
I am happy to introduce to you my past two weekends,
through pictures.
After the tragedy here in Newtown,
Karla and I decided that we would cancel last weeks linkup.
it is back and I have lots of pictures for you all.
If you tried to link up last week, put both posts in the linkup, that way we don't miss anything :)
*All descriptions will be from top left to right,
and the middle picture last :)

1. Karla and I at the entrance to Lake Compounces Holiday Lights
2-4. The holiday lights
5. Dan and I watching the light show
6. Karla and I
7. Scott and Dan- Scotts holding Karlas sparkly purse like its no biggy!
8. Dan and I on the north pole train ride in front of a very fussy, crying baby.
9. Karla and I on the American Flyers
10. Karla and Scott
11. Karla and I
12-13. Dan and I at the north pole
14. Karla and Scott on the train
Middle: it's suppose to be a panoramic of all the lights

 My origami owl necklaces.
The top is a silver crystal lined locket that contains a rose gold plate that says 'love life,' a G for our last name, a pink gemmed heart, a ring, and both our birthstones.
The bottom is an inspirational necklace. A little pearl, happiness, and a feather which I think means you only live once, so live free and now.

 1. My sister and I on our way to Hannukah
2. The menorah
3. Potato pancakes in the making
4. Such a cute picture- Dan and Opa talkin
5. Sees chocolate Hannukah gelt
6. Dan and I 
7. Homemade Boston Cream Pie- must be eaten upside down so the chocolate doesn't crack and fall off. 

1-2. Dan and I ready for Christmas celebration number 1.
3. Brother and sister in law.
4. Mother in law with our cousins beautiful baby.
5. She is so cute!
6. My sister made stockings for the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy. My dad hung them at the beginning of their driveway.
7. Puppy Susie the chiweenie
8. My baby Lulu
9. The chiweenie is so cuddly
10. The worlds best baked potato- cheese and pulled pork, ssoo amazing.
11. Dan crushing pretzels for mom
12. The Susinator
13. The puppies are spoiled, they get leftovers of our plates
14. One of my favorite gifts- for my dad. I'm sure a bigger picture is to come.
15. Nothin like relaxin by the fireplace.

Hope you all enjoyed my instagramazing weekend.
I can't wait to check all yours out!

Have a wonderful holiday and be safe! 
Hope Santas good to each and every one of you :)

Ta ta for now <3


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Quick, Short, and Super Sweet

I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t post or
mention anything about the stupid apocalypse, so here it is.
We survived!
Ok I’m done with that.

This little posty post will be quick, short, and super sweet!

First things first:
If you didn’t get a chance to check out my first Vlog,
Go do that now!
I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Dan and I got to go out with one of our favorite couples last night,
Karla and Scott,
For a much needed drink and dinner date.

Speaking of Karla,
We will be back to hosting the Instagramazing Weekend Linkup Monday!
And most of you have awesome holiday events, parties, and/or celebrations all throughout this weekend.
Make sure to take lots of pictures and link up with us on Monday.
And don’t forget to tell all your bloggy friends about it,
We’d love to see what you all did!

Dan and I were suppose to start and finish our Christmas shopping yesterday.
Yeaahhh nnoope…
That did not happen,
Even a little bit!
Instead, the thought of hangin out with Karla and Scott was much more appealing.
Don’t worry,
I will be shopping tomorrow super early to not get run over by the
Christmas Grinches out there.

I’m very excited for the holiday J

Ok that is all for now my lovelies.

Ta ta <3


Friday, December 21, 2012

My First Ever Vlog- Favorite Holiday Tradition

I couldn't resist it any longer,
welcome to my first ever 
Girl Behind the Blog Vlog with Ashley and Julie.
Just FYI- I said it wrong in the video but you get the idea

I hope I didn't scare you all off,
I actually had a lot of fun doing this.
And no,
there was no wine consumed.


My favorite holiday tradition:


Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's Ok! Thursday!!!

Ello mate!
And welcome tttoooo
It's Ok! Thursday with Amber and Neely.

Ready... OK!

It's ok...

...that I am completely dreading today like no other! We are converting on to a completely new system and it is going to be HORRIBLE! Not to mention I have to in an hour early to set it all up.

...that because of this conversion, I will most likely be drinking heavily after it to wash away whatever happened.

...that you should all go take a look at my Wedding Wednesday post because I put it up very late and nobody got a chance to take a looksie...

...that Dan and I have ZERO, ZIP, NADA Christmas shopping done and Christmas is less than a week away.

...that Dan and I didn't want to wait for the New Year to start getting in shape, so we started this week {you will also be seeing a slight change in my little bloggy posts, they will be about fitness as well as everything else. I will be starting a fitness page that is going to be under my contact page because I cannot recustomize my blog to say fitness}.

...that Dan and I walked 4 miles last night to the grocery store and back to not only be healthier but save on gas...

...that this Christmas is going to be very light because Dan and I are making some major life changes.

...that this little blog started out as a recipe blog and has grown into an everything blog and I haven't shared a recipe in a while. be excited about life. You only live once and I'm going to live to my fullest. be absolutely head over heels in love with GroopDealz. Oh and my husband. Especially my husband for making one of my dreams come true. be extremely nervously excited about my first Vlog tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. love working out with Dan. He's a great motivator and it makes me want to do more than him so I can be stronger. wish the media would leave my small little town so that all those grieving can grieve in peace. never want to take down our Christmas decorations {Dan's making me}.

Can't wait to see what is ok with you all.
Hope you stick around to see my first Vlog tomorrow,
it's funny!
That's all folks.

Ta ta for now <3

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

newlyWed Wednesday

Hello everybody!
And happy Hump day to all!!
I can't believe that Christmas is less than a week away!
Can you say not prepared at all??

today for newlyWed Wednesday,
I'm linking up with Mary over at A Happy Wife in New Orleans

I'm going to talk about an awesome gift my grandma gave us about 2 weeks before the wedding.

Dan and I decided that we were just going to get a photographer.
That's all we could really afford plus she was going to be bringing with her 3 other shooters, so we thought that no matter what we'd get everything through them.
About 8 months before the wedding,
I really started wanting a videographer.
We were still going to bridal expos and we'd always stop and check out prices.
Even with the deals they were giving,
it was still way over our budget.
As we got closer to the wedding,
I was getting super bummed about not having a videographer.
One wedding Wednesday
(my whole family, women, would get together on Wednesday to complete wedding things)
we were basically all done with everything.
Dan was at his second job,
so I decided that I'd go home and get dinner ready.
My grams wasn't havin it!
She deployed every tactic possible and then I started noticing something was off.
My sister asked for my opinion on her new curling iron.
Yeah, something was not right.
I started yelling,
'I don't know what's going on, but I'm leaving.'
As I was walking down the stairs,
I see Dan at the front door and then I started getting super confused.
I was so anxious I couldn't move.
We all went in to the kitchen and grams told us that she got me and Kay something from her trip to NYC.
It was a cute magnet,
but I felt something on the back.

I didn't read it out loud,
but I gasped and started crying my eyes out.
I couldn't believe my grandma got me a videographer!
I was so excited and so was Dan.
And boy are we ever glad for this gift.
I've watched our wedding DVD about 100 times!
I took some clips from my phone to share with friends,
so here are some fun moments from our wedding:
My mom, sister, and I

Cake time!

 Our DVD cover

In the bridal suite gettin ready!!

Dan and his mom before the ceremony.