Wednesday, December 5, 2012

newlyWed Wednesday: The Bachelorette Party

Well hello there beauties.
It's Hump Day
which is awesome because this week is just flying by! 
I am very happy that we are 2 days away from Friday.
And last night I finally got some Christmas shopping done...
at an Origami Owl party!!
Now I'm assuming most of you have no idea what that is,
I had no idea!
And if you do then you are in on the awesomeness.
Go check it out, 
I'm sure you'll be able to get some shopping out of the way too :)

back to newlyWed Wednesday.
I'm linking up with Mary at A Happy Wife in New Orleans

I'm going to talk about the most awesome weekend during my wedding.
A weekend with some of my maids and good girl friends.
My bachelorette party!!!!

My sister was my maid of honor and the best one at that.
She knows me so well she gave me options as to where I wanted my bachelorette party.
I love being in control of situations,
especially when it came to my wedding.
And she knew that and I am forever grateful for her!
I was given:
a local casino, NYC, or Atlantic City.
I live in CT, so all are pretty close, AC being the farthest away.
I immediately chose AC.
But that was all I knew,
and the weekend because of work.
She planned everything else :)

Our weekend started on Friday night after work.
Everybody met at my parents house and from there,
we headed to the local bar.
My sister got me a 'sexy little bride' sash from Victorias Secret that I wore all night.
The bar also had a DJ that night,
we drank, danced, and literally laughed until we all peed a little.
And the fun didn't just end when we got home...
nnooo never!!
We talk about everything and this was one of the best and funniest things I've ever witnessed thanks to my friend Jordyn and my sister.
I present to you, The Period Sneeze:

Somehow we all managed to get up around 6am Saturday morning and head out.
It's about a 3 and a half hour ride from where we live to AC.
We wanted to spend the entire day at the beach,
drink, and be married... well almost ;)
We got there in great time!!
We weren't able to check in to our hotel,
so we headed for the boardwalk and the beach.
We had asked people about what bars were good,
and ended up finding the Trump Beach Bar.
And much to our surprise,
there was a radio station there broadcasting 
Nathans Hotdog Contest,
that afternoon.
And as soon as they saw me walk in,
they called me over to be a guest judge in the contest.
We immediately headed to the bar while we waited and as an extra bonus,
we got free hotdogs and a pitcher or 2 of beer!
Now thats what I call winning.
Not to mention being bought drinks left and right and meeting some amazing people.
And meeting the famous contest eater: Eater X.
He was super cute by the by.
Right after the contest, 
my sister and a couple girls headed to check in and decorate the room to my surprise again!
My sister really did an amazing job!
We were already pretty lit by the time we headed back to the room to start getting ready for dinner and heading out.
I ended up passing out for a quick nap on the bed to get ready for round #3.
We had two rooms,
but 8 girls in 2 rooms=
not enough mirrors, outlets, or showers.
But we listened to music, laughed, and let the party begin.
We went to the Trump Plaza for an amazing Italian dinner,
ran back to the room to get changed in our appropriate dresses,
and off we went to the nightclub in our hotel.
It was PACKED and another bridal party was trying to cause trouble with us for no reason,
my girls weren't havin it! 
After being shoved, pushed, and spilt on in the main dance floor,
my wonderful friend surprised me by purchasing a VIP table,
on the second floor,
with private bottle service,
and our own area to dance.!!!!
It was like we were royalty looking down on the massive crowd below us,
drinking, dancing, laughing, and meeting some awesome people.
I didn't want the night to end!
The next morning, 
despite our hangovers,
we headed out around 11am,
make some quick donations to the casino (minus 2 of you who made out like champs),
and headed home.
The rides were also the best parts,
we talked about everything,
and I think I laughed the whole way.
Especially with physical challenges along the way.

I am truly blessed to have such amazing people in my life,
to want to make my 'last hooray' the best possible weekend :)
Thank you girls for giving me the time of my life.
Love you all <3

Hope you all enjoyed going on this journey with me through my bachelorette party!
If you had a bachelorette or last hooray,
what was it??
I'd love to know :)

Ta ta for now <3


  1. That looks and sounds like so much fun! I had two smaller bachelorette parties, but your story is a lot more fun ;)

  2. My bachelorette weekend was in Salem, MA during an ice storm, lol! My girls did an amazing job though, despite the weather. Yay for awesome bridesmaids!