Monday, December 3, 2012

A Possible LinkUp in the Future?

If you don't know,
I am obsessed with taking pictures.
Of everything and anything!
A lot of people look at me funny or constantly comment about my picture taking.
without pictures:
we wouldn't capture all the amazing moments that we've been through,
the stages of life,
other peoples lives,
holidays and occasions,
little stupid things that most people can't remember.
Pictures aren't just pixels on a screen or on a print-
they are the story of my life,
others lives,
I will forever love being a photographer,
being in pictures,
editing and printing-
the whole process.

And I am not alone.
One of my friends also loves pictures and picture taking as much as I do.
Karla and I are similar in more than we are both newlyweds.
We love pictures and the iPhone has an app that we are obsessed with.
Oh instagram I love you.
And most people have also become in love with this app as well.
Every Monday,
both of us always recap our weekend through pictures.
So we were thinking:
Why not create a linkup to display everybodys awesome weekend adventures??
Ta Da!!!
An instagramazing link up!!! 
It would start a week from today, December 10th.
It would look something like this:

Let us know what you think!
Comment below whether you'd join in the fun!

Ta ta for now <3 

1 comment:

  1. love the idea!! most of mine are of my dogs but I'd be in!