Monday, December 31, 2012

2012- My Year through Pictures

So we have made it to another New Years Eve.
And what better way to celebrate than looking at the year that has gone by.
What an amazing year 2012 was for us.
Take a walk down memory lane with me...



+ Dan and I celebrated 2 years together
+ We booked our honeymoon
+ I threw Dan a surprise 30th birthday party
+ My wedding dress came in
+ We celebrated Dans brother get engaged
+ We bought Dans wedding band
+ On January 16th we celebrated one year of being engaged
+ We were knee deep in wedding plans


+ Dan and I celebrated 100 days until our wedding
+ We had a very low key Valentines Day
+ Details for the wedding started working themselves out
+ One of my bridesmaids and best friends moved home for a couple months

+ Dan and I were in full wedding mode
+ We picked out my moms wedding dress
+ I watched my cousins cheerleading team make states
+ The bridesmaids dresses came in
+ We finalized our invitations
+ I got my love tattoo on St Pattys Day
+ I worked at the bar on St Pattys Day
+ Dan and I had one of our New Haven adventure days
+ It was my sisters birthday

+ The wedding favors were completed
+ We picked our the tuxes and colors for the groomsmen
+ We finalized all the details at the venue
+ I had my final fitting
+ I had the most amazing bridal shower ever
+ My sister went for her fitting
+ We got all the girls shoes dyed for the wedding

+ My Grandma gave us one of the best wedding gifts- a videographer
+ My sister planned the best bachelorette party in Atlantic City
+ We finalized all the wedding details 
+ We hosted our rehearsal dinner

+ June 1st, 2012- I married my soul mate
+ We had the most beautiful, most fun, amazing wedding I could have ever dreamed of
+ We went on an 8 day cruise to the Caribbean for our honeymoon
+ We treated ourselves to a balcony room
+ Dan and I had a blast 

+ Because of the wedding, 
July was a blah month...
finding an apartment and settling down after the wedding.

+ Dan and I moved back to Bethel
+ We took a road trip to see our good friends in NC
+ From NC we drove up to NJ for our family vacation
+ We fought with our photographer about the breach in contract 

+ Me and some of the girls from the bachelorette party went to AC for a sequel
+ I threw up for the first time due to alcohol
+ Dan and I celebrated my birthday at the Big E
+ I celebrated my 25th birthday
+ I watched my brother in law get married
+ We went to the Big E 2 more times
+ I started this awesome little blog
+ I reconnected with one of my good friends from high school

+ Dan and I headed up to NH for the first time
+ Went to the annual pumpkin festival at Keene
+ Celebrate Halloween as a dominatrix and pimp

+ Dan and I celebrated Thanksgiving with his families
+ We survived a hurricane
+ My parents got the newest addition to the family- Susie
+ My parents also surprised me with a huge life change which I will be blogging about soon.

+ Dan and I, Karla and Scott took an adventure to Lake Compounce for the Holiday Light Show
+ My hometown suffered a horrible tragedy that we will never forget
+ We celebrated Hannukah with my grandparents
+ We celebrated 3 Christmases
+ Took an adventure to NYC to end the year right

2012 was one of the best years of my life:
I got to marry my best friend, my soulmate.
We got to travel, move into a great apartment,
be closer to family and friends,
lose some friends but gain true friends.
I can't wait to see what 2013 brings,
and to put this change into motion.

I hope everybody has a wonderful and safe New Years Eve
and many more to come.



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