Friday, December 7, 2012

Fridays letters and A Hilarious Video

And we've made it to the best day of the week.
Even though it really isn't my Friday.
Because I have to work tomorrow.
However I will still celebrate for all of you.
What does everybody have planned for this weekend??

I'm just gonna give you a quick overview of my awesome Thursday night:
I went to watch my cousins cheerleading expo,
her last one because she's a senior.
She did so incredible.
I can't believe she's going to college next year!

Ok that being said,
today I'm linking up with Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds foorrr

Dear holidays: you are coming up way to fast, this whole 18 days till Christmas is kinda freaking me out... but at least the apt is decorated. Dear today: I wish that I did not have to work 10 hours on a Friday, on drive up. Dear adorable long hair chiuahua or however you spell it: You are just too cute for words and I want you but can't afford you right now. I hope you go to a wonderful family who would love you as much as I would. Dear wine: thank you for being my best friend after a long day. Dear chocolate from those amazing croissants: I hate you for burning the crap out of my tongue, but love you for your amazing taste even though I cannot taste anything anymore. Dear husband: you are the best for what I'm about to reveal to the blog world, but admit it, we had too much fun! Dear camera: I miss you too but I'm just too busy right now to use you for your intended purpose. Dear Pinterest DIY board: after the holidays, all you awesome projects are MINE. Dear readers, fellow bloggers, and followers: I got a twitter account for my blog... check it out in the 'Follow Me' section over there -->. Also, I hope you enjoy this video. Happy Friday and thanks to all my new followers. I hope you stick around, especially after this funny video :)

And if that ^ doesn't get me any more followers,
I don't know what will ;)

Ta ta for now <3

**Don't forget Monday is the first Instagramazing link up with Karla,
so take lots of pictures this weekend and link up with us Monday :)**



  2. I love that there are blooper! This whole video is kinda a blooper, don't ya think? =)

  3. You're hilarious!!! I'm so following you here and on twitter all b/c of this video! Your husband has to be the best for doing this!!!