Wednesday, December 12, 2012

NewlyWedded Bliss Wednesday

Hello there!
Today is a crazy day for dear ol' me!
Not only do I have training down at corporate,
but I have to work after it,
annnddd it's our holiday dinner party after that! 
Phew that's a lot packed in to one hump day.
Today I'm going to jump right in to wedding land...

First lets start off with Allie over at Table For More

What is a holiday tradition that you and your husband do or plan to do each year? If you don't have any, what is an idea you could try out this year?!
Every year Senor Dan and I take an adventure down to NYC to take pictures in front of the ginormously beautiful tree and then head to Serendipity (which started because we called our relationship serendipitous) and enjoy a wonderful meal and the most amazing frozen hot chocolate EVER!!!

Now on to my topic for newlyWed Wednesday:
The Bridesmaid Bonanza!!!
A little less than a year before the wedding and right around my birthday,
I planned an event for ALL of my 7 bridesmaids to get together and head to the salon to pick out the perfect dress that looked great on all of them.
All but one was able to join us :)
We all met at my apartment first because I had a little somethin up my sleeve for all my girls.
*Rewind a month before... Dan and I joined my family on our annual vacation down in Wildwood NJ. There- I had the amazing idea to get my bridal party their 'bridesmaid, MOH...' shirts AIRBRUSHED!'
Every shirt had either bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, or Flower Girl on the front,
and the back stated their name and our wedding date...
All in our wedding colors!

I got my mom a special shirt. 
On the front it said: i'm the M.O.B.
On the back: Mother of the Bride and the wedding date

Once we got to the bridal salon (where I got my dress)
things got a little hectic.
I knew I wanted them to wear long evening dresses because we were having a formal night wedding.
I had each bridesmaid pick out their favorite dress or two
and then they all filed into one of the huge dressing rooms.
Each bridesmaid would try on a dress and I'd pick which ones
made it to the next round 
and which was were an absolute NO!
This was a super hard decision because all the girls looked beautiful in everything,
but some more than others.
After each 'elimination round,'
the girls would go back and either swap dresses or try on new ones.
Eventually they twindled down to only two.

Once we got to the final two dresses,
everybody thought it'd be a good idea for me to try on my gown to see what each one would look like next to the gown and seemed more fitting.
They all gave me their honest opinion as to which one they liked the best,
and I finally came to the conclusion.
Since we had a summer wedding,
the choice then became obvious that the more flowy and light one was the winner.

And I couldn't have picked a better choice...
I mean look at how beautiful they all look in the dresses!

Because my sister was my Maid of Honor,
I wanted her dress to be different,
Her dress was vveeerrryy similar to the bridesmaids, 
but still different and I loved hers as well.

So there ya have it...
my bridesmaid bonanza!

Ta ta for now <3


  1. I still can't get over how similar our wedding colors were. Yours were just a few shades darker! So weird! I just love the royal blue dresses. So pretty against the pink bouquets, hair pieces, and shoes. =)

  2. Hey so I found your blog through the Wedded Bliss Wednesday and I am so glad that I did! I love your blog (in a totally non creepy stalker way!)
    Love the wedding pictures.

  3. I've only been to Serendipity once but it was AMAZING! I am determine to go back someday!