Wednesday, December 19, 2012

newlyWed Wednesday

Hello everybody!
And happy Hump day to all!!
I can't believe that Christmas is less than a week away!
Can you say not prepared at all??

today for newlyWed Wednesday,
I'm linking up with Mary over at A Happy Wife in New Orleans

I'm going to talk about an awesome gift my grandma gave us about 2 weeks before the wedding.

Dan and I decided that we were just going to get a photographer.
That's all we could really afford plus she was going to be bringing with her 3 other shooters, so we thought that no matter what we'd get everything through them.
About 8 months before the wedding,
I really started wanting a videographer.
We were still going to bridal expos and we'd always stop and check out prices.
Even with the deals they were giving,
it was still way over our budget.
As we got closer to the wedding,
I was getting super bummed about not having a videographer.
One wedding Wednesday
(my whole family, women, would get together on Wednesday to complete wedding things)
we were basically all done with everything.
Dan was at his second job,
so I decided that I'd go home and get dinner ready.
My grams wasn't havin it!
She deployed every tactic possible and then I started noticing something was off.
My sister asked for my opinion on her new curling iron.
Yeah, something was not right.
I started yelling,
'I don't know what's going on, but I'm leaving.'
As I was walking down the stairs,
I see Dan at the front door and then I started getting super confused.
I was so anxious I couldn't move.
We all went in to the kitchen and grams told us that she got me and Kay something from her trip to NYC.
It was a cute magnet,
but I felt something on the back.

I didn't read it out loud,
but I gasped and started crying my eyes out.
I couldn't believe my grandma got me a videographer!
I was so excited and so was Dan.
And boy are we ever glad for this gift.
I've watched our wedding DVD about 100 times!
I took some clips from my phone to share with friends,
so here are some fun moments from our wedding:
My mom, sister, and I

Cake time!

 Our DVD cover

In the bridal suite gettin ready!!

Dan and his mom before the ceremony.



  1. We did not hire a videographer but my sister's boyfriend did the duties of that at both the wedding and the reception. It was good!

  2. I'm so jealous! We can't afford one but hope we get this gifted to us! What a great idea!!!