Sunday, December 2, 2012

I know I know, I'm a Slacker

I know I've been MIA again after promising I wouldn't.
The holidays are a crazy time.
And so is work and life.
Add the holidays and you've got one crazy busy couple.
If you see our schedule for the next month,
your jaw would drop.
But I'm going to give you a quick recap of life this past week.
And again I'm sad that I missed my awesome linkups.
But I shall keep swimming.

Last week was hectic-
our menu schedule was all thrown off
due to random events not planned.
But Friday,
oh freakin dumb horrible Friday,
was a horrible day.
My day started GREAT:
I got up early,
did my hair (with my new blow dryer) and make up,
got gas and even had time to get Starbucks,
listened to Christmas all the way to work singing too loudly,
our friends Karla and Scott were coming over for jammies, waffles, and wine,
life was good as of 8am.
At approx 8:15am,
that all drastically changed.
Our computers at work were extremely slow, 
so slow that I could barely do a simple deposit in less than 5 minutes (not exaggerating).

Now for those of you who do not know where I work,
I work at a local bank,
as a teller and financial associate; mostly a teller.
It is not my career, 
it is my current job.
I have a degree in Psychology,
and before I pursue that any further, 
we need to get a money cushion first.
So this is a job to pay the bills.

And it only kept going down hill from there.
One snowball after another,
building an anger, emotional avalanche.
I cried on my drive to see the chiweenie on my lunch break because I was so mad.
But I had to keep going.
I sat in my corner on drive up and just worked.
No more, no less.
And to top it off,
as a branch,
we volunteered to pour cold apple cider at the town tree lighting in 30 degree weather.
Cold cider.
People at this lighting are rude and snotty,
they bump into you without caring,
ask if you have something else and when denied get super snotty and walk away.
Yes pleasant.
But I was looking forward to hangin out with friends and Dan in jammies,
and lots o' wine! 
the super cherry on top was her husband got stick in 2-3 hours of traffic
on the way home,
and they weren't able to make it.
I was just so over that day.

we did reschedule our play date for last night and had way too good of a time.
It was like double the fun for the horrible Friday we all experienced.
Not only did we have amazing belgium waffles and lots o' wine,
but we did it all in PJs! 
Karla and I wore footie pjammies which are the most comfy things ever!

Before they arrived,
Dan and I went ALL OUT running errands and decorating our apt for the holidays.
We finally returned all our wedding items we received over the course of a year
and made out like champs!
We got stuff we need to make some holiday gifts,
we received our holiday cards,
and clean the entire apt.

Up on the adventures for this coming week:
Tomorrow- my grams, mom, and maybe sister are coming over to see our apt all decorated. This is the first time my grams is visiting :)
Tuesday- Dan has to work at night
Wednesday- our friend is coming over for dinner
Thursday- my cousins cheerleading expo and dinner
Friday- Lake Compounce with Karla and Scott for their holiday lights thing
Saturday- just hangin out during the day and then going out at night

So if you miss me,
just check the schedule to find out where we are!
I'll be instagramming the whole time- DUH!
Hope you all had a great weekend,
see you throughout the week.
Let me know what you did this weekend...
anything exciting??

Ta ta for now <3

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