Monday, December 10, 2012


And welcome to the first ever
Instagramazing Weekend Link Up!!
Karla and I have been talking about hosting a linkup,
and this just seemed so perfect for both of us. 
We cannot wait to see what you guys did this weekend.
Without further a-do,
the rules to this awesome linkup:

If you'd like to link-up, please be sure to:

1. Follow the host- Karla @ Forever Newly Wedded and the co-host- Nicole @ Grub n Marriage.
2. Put the link up button somewhere in your post or on your blog so that it links back to both of us... and don't forget to add your link when you're done :)
3. Make sure to go and visit other blogs from the link up.

4. Have Fun!! This is about showcasing your weekend, good, bad, or ugly! 

This weekend was jam packed with fun.
Come take this journey with me through my weekend: 
(I will explain all the pictures from top to bottom, left to right)

One: my love bird necklace my aunt got me which I absolutely love.
Two: my little cousin at my other cousins cheerleading expo
Three: Dan and one of the owners at our favorite local bar. They are best buds.
Four: Dan and I at the bar
Five: A nice big glass of Riesling... I did end up having the whole bottle to myself. Great idea when it's happening, horrible idea the next morning.
Six: My brother in law and I
Seven: I was laying in bed and knew in my drunken stupor that I should probably drink some water. Dan was downstairs so I texted him my request:
Me- If you can bring up some water that'd be lovely
Dan- Pool, tap, or bottled?
Me- Whatever is readily available
Thanks babe, for taking advantage of my drunkenness for your own personal pleasure.
Eight: Our holiday cards this year. I'm obsessed with them.
Nine: My cousins cheerleading team at their expo (ps- they made it to nationals which means they get to perform in DISNEY WORLD!)

One: the most awesome balloon ever. If you don't know, I'm obsessed with cows! I really want one of my own, so when I found this I went crazy!
Two: Walkin my cow through the grocery store. No big deal.
Three: Holding half of the balloons we got for the surprise party. I felt like I was in UP! they were so strong! 
Four: If you ever had a doubt about fitting 24 extremely filled balloons in a sports car, never fear- we completed that challenge.

This whole collage is everybody waiting in anticipation for my aunt to walk through the door and yell surprise!! It was a long wait too... not just 5 minutes, we were prepared for about 20 minutes!
(when she finally did arrive, she was so overwhelmed with joy she cried... I have a video of it I will post another day)

One through Three: Dan and I made this awesome display of pictures featuring my aunt. The pictures are hanging from balloon strings over the gift table. This is the birthday girl looking at the pictures :)
Four: The favor boxes. On the back it said 'You are my sunshine'

One: My gorgeous sister and her boyfriend at the party
Two & Three: Lindsey and I (plus Dan in the bottom one) 
Four: My favorite guy and I 

One: Grams and her boyfriend at the party
Two: My mom and cousin
Three: My two cousins... look at those love birds
Four: Me and my sissy

One: Grams and my cousin slow dancin together
Two: my mom and dad
Three: The birthday girl with her granddaughter
Four: Dan didn't want to dance anymore, so Grams took over

One: My cousins prepared a beautiful slideshow of the birthday girls life
Two: Family and birthday girl waiting in excitement for the slideshow
Three: Part of the slide show
Four: The awesome DJ got the kids involved and played some Simon Says
Five: the whole family doing the Hokey Pokey
Six: Grams putting her hheeaddd innn and her hheeadd out
Seven: Grams and the birthday girl (her sister) doing the Hokey Pokey
Eight thru Eleven: Family bustin moves
Twelve: that'd be me... the DJ gave me the mic during Dancing Queen and I'm not one to turn away the mic, so there I am bustin it out and dancin around :)
Thirteen: Dan and Linds with their wauka dog tags
Fourteen: The birthday girl with her children
Center: The cake

One: Grams made Dan and I bow curtain holders. I'm in love with them!!
Two: my forever angel (my Pa who passed away 5 years ago) has a place on our tree... he's such a stud. Miss him every day!
Three and Four: This is literally how the puppy fell asleep, cheek to cheek with me
Five: My mom is sleepin under the blanket and LuLu wanted to be close to her... so she sat on her!
Six: both puppies asleep on me

There ya have it... my weekend through instagram and pictures.
Can't wait to see all your amazing pictures from your weekends.
Hope you enjoy the link up and that you stick around for the many weeks to come :)
Have a great Monday!

Ta ta for now <3

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  1. I linked up over at Karla's blog. Love all the details you included about your weekend. :)