Monday, December 24, 2012

A Holiday Instagramazing Weekend

Merry Christmas Eve everybody!!
And welcome to the second rendition of
the Instagramazing Weekend linkup with 
Karla from Forever Newly Wedded!!

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4. Have Fun!! This is about showcasing your weekend, good, bad, or ugly! 

I hope you all had a fun weekend including
holiday festivities and preparations.
Dan and I just finished shopping and wrapping yesterday,
started and finished shopping Saturday,
wrapping on Sunday.
we are the king and queen of procrastination.

I digress.
I am happy to introduce to you my past two weekends,
through pictures.
After the tragedy here in Newtown,
Karla and I decided that we would cancel last weeks linkup.
it is back and I have lots of pictures for you all.
If you tried to link up last week, put both posts in the linkup, that way we don't miss anything :)
*All descriptions will be from top left to right,
and the middle picture last :)

1. Karla and I at the entrance to Lake Compounces Holiday Lights
2-4. The holiday lights
5. Dan and I watching the light show
6. Karla and I
7. Scott and Dan- Scotts holding Karlas sparkly purse like its no biggy!
8. Dan and I on the north pole train ride in front of a very fussy, crying baby.
9. Karla and I on the American Flyers
10. Karla and Scott
11. Karla and I
12-13. Dan and I at the north pole
14. Karla and Scott on the train
Middle: it's suppose to be a panoramic of all the lights

 My origami owl necklaces.
The top is a silver crystal lined locket that contains a rose gold plate that says 'love life,' a G for our last name, a pink gemmed heart, a ring, and both our birthstones.
The bottom is an inspirational necklace. A little pearl, happiness, and a feather which I think means you only live once, so live free and now.

 1. My sister and I on our way to Hannukah
2. The menorah
3. Potato pancakes in the making
4. Such a cute picture- Dan and Opa talkin
5. Sees chocolate Hannukah gelt
6. Dan and I 
7. Homemade Boston Cream Pie- must be eaten upside down so the chocolate doesn't crack and fall off. 

1-2. Dan and I ready for Christmas celebration number 1.
3. Brother and sister in law.
4. Mother in law with our cousins beautiful baby.
5. She is so cute!
6. My sister made stockings for the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy. My dad hung them at the beginning of their driveway.
7. Puppy Susie the chiweenie
8. My baby Lulu
9. The chiweenie is so cuddly
10. The worlds best baked potato- cheese and pulled pork, ssoo amazing.
11. Dan crushing pretzels for mom
12. The Susinator
13. The puppies are spoiled, they get leftovers of our plates
14. One of my favorite gifts- for my dad. I'm sure a bigger picture is to come.
15. Nothin like relaxin by the fireplace.

Hope you all enjoyed my instagramazing weekend.
I can't wait to check all yours out!

Have a wonderful holiday and be safe! 
Hope Santas good to each and every one of you :)

Ta ta for now <3


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