Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fridays Letters {WAHOO FRIDAY}

TGIFF!!! {thank goodness its freakin Friday}
I have no idea why,
But this week has dragged on like William Hungs celebrity status.

Monday flew by.
Tuesday don’t even know where that went.
Wednesday was busy as Charlie Sheen on a high running errands.
Thursday is always the longest no matter what because the next day is Friday.
And today is Friday… and I get out of work at 3pm… go from there my friends.
Happy hour starts at 3:30pm woot woot!!!
Oh hello my fine wine {yeah rhyming win}.
Friday also means one of my favorite linkups of the week cause I spend a long time thinking about my letters.
Long like how long I have to wait until the next payday kind of long
{it’s another week if you wanna know or are just curious}
So here goes another rendition of Fridays Letters with Allie from Adventures of Newlyweds

Dear December: I understand that I push the weeks to go by fast just so that I don’t have to work, however… I would really like you to stop progressing into the holidays so rapidly. I have not really started Christmas shopping (except for my sissy and friend) and even though I have everything organized and figured out, I have yet to put everything together. And to put everything together I guess I need some way to pay for it all… so I will wait until the supposed end of the world to go get everything done. Dear Supposed End of the World: I’m not Mayan, I run out of paper all the time, and if it is the beginning of the zombie apocalypse- I am more excited than scared. People really should stop selling all their crap- just like in May and October when theworld was suppose to end; it’ll be bad when you wake up with nothing on Saturday morning. Dear School I Hope to go to in February: I am really excited and am hoping our appointment on Saturday is to start this awesome process and everything works out. Dear Hubs: I loved our pow-wow and a movie last night. It was just what we both needed after a long, stressful week {one day I’ll explain what our pow-wows are}. Dear Groop Dealz: Thanks for being the place that I am now obsessing over. The place that I also bought this awesome bracelet that I can’t wait to receive and wear all the time. You are my new and current obsession!Dear Customers at Work: It is the holiday season, I know you are tight on money {I can see your accounts after all} but gosh! Can you please be a little nicer and realize that the world does not revolve around you?!  Dear new followers and potential blogmates: I hope you all stick around… things can get a tad bit crazy around here but I promise to always try to be funny and keep things bubbly {like me}!! If you really want to see what Dan and I are like, check out this video from last weeks Fridays Letters… it’s sure to make your day even better. Dear all my wonderful followers: Thank you for hangin with me on this awesome blog journey. Every day I enjoy reading all of your thoughts, adventures, seeing your pics, and your ideas. I am hoping that my little bloggy blog here will grow in to something wonderful! I already have big plans and goals for the New Year so stick around… I promise you won’t be disappointed J

Ta ta for now <3


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