Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's Ok! Thursday!!!

Ello mate!
And welcome tttoooo
It's Ok! Thursday with Amber and Neely.

Ready... OK!

It's ok...

...that I am completely dreading today like no other! We are converting on to a completely new system and it is going to be HORRIBLE! Not to mention I have to in an hour early to set it all up.

...that because of this conversion, I will most likely be drinking heavily after it to wash away whatever happened.

...that you should all go take a look at my Wedding Wednesday post because I put it up very late and nobody got a chance to take a looksie...

...that Dan and I have ZERO, ZIP, NADA Christmas shopping done and Christmas is less than a week away.

...that Dan and I didn't want to wait for the New Year to start getting in shape, so we started this week {you will also be seeing a slight change in my little bloggy posts, they will be about fitness as well as everything else. I will be starting a fitness page that is going to be under my contact page because I cannot recustomize my blog to say fitness}.

...that Dan and I walked 4 miles last night to the grocery store and back to not only be healthier but save on gas...

...that this Christmas is going to be very light because Dan and I are making some major life changes.

...that this little blog started out as a recipe blog and has grown into an everything blog and I haven't shared a recipe in a while. be excited about life. You only live once and I'm going to live to my fullest. be absolutely head over heels in love with GroopDealz. Oh and my husband. Especially my husband for making one of my dreams come true. be extremely nervously excited about my first Vlog tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. love working out with Dan. He's a great motivator and it makes me want to do more than him so I can be stronger. wish the media would leave my small little town so that all those grieving can grieve in peace. never want to take down our Christmas decorations {Dan's making me}.

Can't wait to see what is ok with you all.
Hope you stick around to see my first Vlog tomorrow,
it's funny!
That's all folks.

Ta ta for now <3


  1. I need to jump on that work out wagon. I haven't done any working out since summer and it's so apparent in the way I feel. Groopdealz is ridiculous, i adore it!

  2. I think we've all been there with last minute Christmas shopping. And kudos to you for doing a vlog- I'm way too nervous to do one!

    Have a great day!

  3. I should get on the healthy living bandwagon before the new year too!

    Totally agree, to be in love with life is the best thing ever! The whole YOLO thing was DO only live once, so why not make the best of it? (:

  4. Great job on starting to workout before the new year! I am trying to stay on track during this holiday eating.

  5. I never want to take down Christmas decorations either - let's not! it'll totally be OK! hahaha. I saw that you said the media won't leave your little town alone...are you from Newtown? - anyways, newest follower from the link up! this is my first time with "Its ok Thursdays" - but hey, thats okay! ha

  6. Popping in from the link up!
    I feel ya on the Christmas decorations. They just make everything happier! Nothing wrong with a little Christmas in July, right?

    Glad I stopped by, adorable blog!