Monday, April 4, 2016

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Years Worth of Crap

I don't know exactly what this is-
this meaning writing back in this blog.
I have always thought about coming back
to this little ol' space, sitting down,
and starting back up again like not a day has past 
between now and January of last year.

A lot has happened in this last year:
I graduated cosmetology school.
I got a job in the most wealthy area and a very
popular salon, assisting.
I was involved in a car accident where I got
reared ended at a high speed.
That accident changed my life and my future 
as a hairstylist.
It has permanently damaged my neck to
the point where I am in pain every day even with
just a little bit of work.
However- a lot of good amidst the darkness has come from 
the asshole who wasn't paying attention while he was driving.
I was out of work for almost 8 months and in intense therapy 3-4x 
a week.
I hated every minute of it- I'm not a sitter and hate
not working.
When I finally started feeling better- an amazing job opportunity
arose and I took it. 
I had to, it is the job of my lifetime.
And it was only a couple days a week, max 15-20 hours.
With lots of room for growth and advancement.
So finally,
I am at the final stage of recovery.
I will have a permanent deficit for most of my life
because of my line of work, 
but I have been nothing but positive throughout this whole journey.

I got this arrow tattoo to always remember
this time in my life- when life is pulling you back,
be prepared for it's going to launch you into something amazing.
Everybody and their sisters, dogs, wives is has
a baby! 
And some people are obsessing over having babies.
Others are obsessing over me having babies.
This world is a crazy scary place that I'm not fond of-
I can't even imagine bringing a child into this world.
Plus- Sir Dan and I have a heck of a bucket list to fulfill.

I lost one of my best friends.
I use the term lost because she has not
tried to communicate with me the 40x I've
reached out to her.
And I don't know why or what I did.
In my mind I don't deserve this,
however there might be a reason I cannot see.

I have been line dancing every week.
Along with doing the 21 Day Fix and PIYO by beachbody.
Once I realized I would be at a permanent deficit with my neck,
I decided I need to get back into working out for me.
Sir Dan and I started in November and have had great success with it.
I can't wait to see where this journey leads us.

So if I do try and stay with this blog,
it will be about my fitness journey and 
my amazing job. 
And of course- grub 'n marriage!


Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Least Favorite Holiday

I'm just gonna come out and say it:
I am the Anti-Valentine.
There ya have it!

Ever since I started dating,
I've hated this holiday.
It seems all fun and mushy gooshy
when your young and in love. 
As you get older and into more serious relationships,
to me it seems pathetic.

Here is why:

This is an easy way for guys to get out of
doing things for their significant others.
Everything is planned for them:
the cards, candy, stuffed animals...
even restaurants have set menus and prices that
include roses and champagne.
They literally have to put zero effort into it.

This holiday is pure competition between people,
mainly women.
Who got the best whatever, where you went,
how big it is/was...
Now that sounds like a grand ol' day to me,
said no one ever.

Sir Dan and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day.
I don't need chocolates- and I'm sure most women don't
considering it's a month after the new year.
I don't need a stuffed bear.
And flowers are beautiful- but we are never
home to enjoy them.
We go out to eat whenever we feel like it-
when the prices aren't jacked up.

We also celebrate our love for each other 
each and every day.
I don't need 1 day out of 365 to show my love
for my husband...
and I know he loves me every second of every day.

Just something to think about.


Monday, January 27, 2014

One Month Worth of Catching Up

Today I am sitting here,
snuggled on the couch waiting for our internet
to not suck,
deciding maybe I can't just let my lil' ol' blog disappear.
And with such awesome news to update ya'll
(yup I'm southern now)
on, I figured I'd write a post
and fill it up with a lot of pictures.

The last time I stopped by these ol' parts
was right before the holidays.
Wow the holidays seem like forever and a day ago.
We were fortunate enough to celebrate all our Christmas's over the 
course of a few weeks and we actually just celebrated
Hannuaka yesterday.
I did make my Christmas List and my top one came true!
My mom, sister, grandma, and I are going to see CHER!!!
I'm still beyond excited. 
My parents also got another chiweenie puppy that
I call my own....... 

My brother and sister in law also got me this awesome thing called 'the selfie'
It's a corded shutter button that you plug in to your phones
headphone jack, turn the camera on, and you can push the button
to take the picture!
It's the best.
obviously taken with the selfie
New Years was also a ball of fun.
We headed up to northern CT in the freezing cold
and went out to dinner with my sisters fiances family.
My parents also treated us to a night at the Hampton Inn
which was the best.
And we also played flip cup outside in the freezing cold.

The new year came and went.
I watched people's resolutions come and go.
Except for one person:
Sir Dans.
Every year he vows to himself (and me, but more himself) that
he will get a teaching job.
And every year I watch his dream fade away.
Except for this year.
A week or so into the new year he got a call...
an interview was set up for a position in our areas school system.
He was super nervous but I calmed him down
and told him to be himself!!! 
Don't just answer the questions they already know,
be spontaneous.
He came home and said it was the best interview he's ever had,
but that they had a lot more candidates to see.
Well, they impressed them so much,
the next day he received an email from the director that 
he got the job!
I cried when I saw the email.
This man does/will do anything for anybody else,
cough send me to school full time for my dream cough,
over himself.
FINALLY this guy gets to live out his dream.
The last two weeks have been so exciting.
He filled out the paperwork,
got fingerprinted,
and this morning I sent him off to his
First Day of School.

Tell me he's not handsome... #stud
It is bittersweet though-
In yet another effort to put his needs aside,
he's working 2 full time jobs...
He'll teach during the school day,
have about an hour break to change,
and then work 3 shift still at the Home Depot.
The income will be great,
but he will be exhausted.
Not to mention we won't see each other at all Monday-Saturday.
We'll have about an hour in the mornings,
but thats it.
I also will be bringing him dinner when I can 
to say a quick hello and see how his day went.
I am still super excited for him.
And separation makes the heart grow fonder, right?

So far: I've cleaned the entire downstairs...
and not like a little,
like moved things around, did a quick vacuum with our new
awesome cordless Shark ($30 at Walmart for quick clean ups), reorganized,
and was done by 8:15am. 

Sir Dans 32nd birthday was also celebrated.
I was scheduled to work that night,
but the manager let me go so I wouldn't be 
a wife in the doghouse (much appreciated)
and surprised him at a local wing place:
get as many free wings as you are old.
From there we went out to our fave local bar
and drank...
well we all drank and took shots for Dan
(he doesn't drink, at all).
Poor guy: the only person who has to drive
drunk people around on his special days.

And the last and final thing:
I took my state boards this past weekend.
Talk about stress.ful. 
I signed up back in December for this test and
literally studied like no other,
not even like myself when I was in college.
I want to pass this test on the first go-
plus I took it before I graduated and should find out
whether I passed right before I graduate.
Score (if I pass).
For the last 3-4 weeks,
I've literally done nothing but study and last
week, every free second I was studying.

So I decided to plan a celebratory
Dan-got-a-job-Nicoles-done-studying get together
at the same local bar to just unwind and
not have to worry about anything!
And it was awesome!!!
Friends and family came out to celebrate-
we danced, took shots, and celebrated.

I have 2 more weeks of school before I graduate :)
I'm nervous and excited.
In 2 weeks I will find out if I am a licensed cosmetologist
and if I have a job where I want to work :)
Fingers crossed and positive thoughts would be wonderful.
Here's a couple pictures of some awesome clients:
(cause what's a Nicole post without hair pics)

The Fabulous Karla

And that's it for now :)
Obviously I have a thing for blonds..........


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Newlywed Game Holiday Edition!

We somehow found time to do this 
awesome linkup! 
It's a quick one. 
Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Christmas Wishlist

Time is ticking down until that
jolly ol' big fella comes down our chimney.
And a lot of family members start asking
what I'd like for Christmas.

What better way to share than to make my wishlist.
So here you have it,
my 2013 Christmas Wishlist:

The number one thing on my list this year ^!!
I've been obsessed with Cher since I can't remember when
and she recently released her Dressed to Kill tour dates.
I hopped on the site and unfortunately the tickets are way out of my
price range and now most are sold out.
I would die if I got to see her concert!!!

  Behind the Chair : I've been obsessing over all their merchandise
since I discovered the site. I love the definition of hairstylist and
the sweatshirt is just hilarious!


This is obvious and also out of our current price range. 
A golden retriever puppy. 
Since I can remember, I've always had dogs and I miss them terribly.  


 An actual adult lunchbox. 
Since Sir Dan and I are forever dieting,
I would like a lunchbox that actually fits 
all my food and drinks.

 This amazing Turbo Power blow dryer!!!
It dries hair super fast and isn't heavy.
Dream dryer!!

 Oh Michael... How I love thou
and never had thou.

 A random selection of gift cards:
target, cvs, big y, cosmo prof (hair store),
cotton on, new york and company, etc.

There you have it.
Most seem extreme,
actually they are extreme,
but it's what I really would like under our tree.

What's on your wishlist this year?


Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend Recap: From Eh to Awesome!!!

This weekend started out like complete poopski,
and ended up being pretty freakin awesome...
to the point where I didn't want it to end.

Saturday was super craptastic-
I had school and a couple clients that kept me busy...
but my best friend was graduating which made the day bitter sweet.

We started our journey together,
so its been her and I through it all.
I'm truly gonna miss my little Lex.

To top off an already crazy and emotional day,
I had to go to work.
I was excited to make money but once I got there,
and found out I had the worst section possible-
it just slipped down hill from there.
The manager was in the worst mood possible,
my coworkers (who I love) all had issues
and were dropping things left and right.
I was looking forward to just leaving.
I made great money,
but was happy for Saturday to end so I could start my real weekend.

My Saturday.
Sir Dan and I decided to skip the gym,
which was a hard decision,
but our bed was super comfy and warm.
Plus we never get a morning to just cuddle and sleep in.
 So we did and I didn't mind.
Saturday night we talked about making Sunday a date day,
because we are both so busy we rarely see each other
except for at night before bed.
 We had so many great choices we couldn't decide.
Finally while out to breaky,
Sir Dan picked Mohegan Sun-
CTs one of two casinos.
We love Mohegan,
and to spend the day there is so much fun.
Off we went,
talking the whole 2 hour car ride,
not a care in the world.
We get to Mohegan, put our car in their free valet,
and in we went to hopefully not donate.

Sir Dan saw a TV that said:
Tonights Show- Straight No Chaser at 7pm.
We love them and saw them last year at the same time same place.
Sir Dan looked up tickets and saw that there were some still available.
We ran to the box office and purchased two tickets to see the
amazing acapella group for $30 each!
We were so stoked!
Our impromptu date day turned even more awesome.
(ps- if you've never heard them,
search their music it's amazing).

We walked around the casino,
played roulette and craps-
which we both lost on :(
but didn't care cause we were having so much fun
and because it was so beautifully decorated.
I looked at my phone and one of my best friends texted me
that she was at the casino.
We talked, found out they were seeing the show,
ended up meeting up together, had dinner and went to the show.
Another awesome coincidence!!

After the show,
we met outside and decided to try our luck
one more time at roulette, right by valet.
My luck changed and almost ended up breaking even!
A great way to end a perfect day.

today I am relaxing all day!
We had some bad weather overnight 
consisting of mainly ice which we encountered on our way home.
So I am in my footie pjs, still in bed,
watching the rain :)

How was your weekend?