Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Christmas Wishlist

Time is ticking down until that
jolly ol' big fella comes down our chimney.
And a lot of family members start asking
what I'd like for Christmas.

What better way to share than to make my wishlist.
So here you have it,
my 2013 Christmas Wishlist:

The number one thing on my list this year ^!!
I've been obsessed with Cher since I can't remember when
and she recently released her Dressed to Kill tour dates.
I hopped on the site and unfortunately the tickets are way out of my
price range and now most are sold out.
I would die if I got to see her concert!!!

  Behind the Chair : I've been obsessing over all their merchandise
since I discovered the site. I love the definition of hairstylist and
the sweatshirt is just hilarious!


This is obvious and also out of our current price range. 
A golden retriever puppy. 
Since I can remember, I've always had dogs and I miss them terribly.  


 An actual adult lunchbox. 
Since Sir Dan and I are forever dieting,
I would like a lunchbox that actually fits 
all my food and drinks.

 This amazing Turbo Power blow dryer!!!
It dries hair super fast and isn't heavy.
Dream dryer!!

 Oh Michael... How I love thou
and never had thou.

 A random selection of gift cards:
target, cvs, big y, cosmo prof (hair store),
cotton on, new york and company, etc.

There you have it.
Most seem extreme,
actually they are extreme,
but it's what I really would like under our tree.

What's on your wishlist this year?



  1. I love the idea of posting your wishlist on your blog and just refer those that ask to the post. Genius, I tell ya! :)

  2. Haha! I love that sweatshirt! The Michael Kors purse is actually pretty cute!! I'm usually not a fan of him, but I like that one!

  3. I have a Micheal Kohrs purse on my wishlist too!