Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend Recap: From Eh to Awesome!!!

This weekend started out like complete poopski,
and ended up being pretty freakin awesome...
to the point where I didn't want it to end.

Saturday was super craptastic-
I had school and a couple clients that kept me busy...
but my best friend was graduating which made the day bitter sweet.

We started our journey together,
so its been her and I through it all.
I'm truly gonna miss my little Lex.

To top off an already crazy and emotional day,
I had to go to work.
I was excited to make money but once I got there,
and found out I had the worst section possible-
it just slipped down hill from there.
The manager was in the worst mood possible,
my coworkers (who I love) all had issues
and were dropping things left and right.
I was looking forward to just leaving.
I made great money,
but was happy for Saturday to end so I could start my real weekend.

My Saturday.
Sir Dan and I decided to skip the gym,
which was a hard decision,
but our bed was super comfy and warm.
Plus we never get a morning to just cuddle and sleep in.
 So we did and I didn't mind.
Saturday night we talked about making Sunday a date day,
because we are both so busy we rarely see each other
except for at night before bed.
 We had so many great choices we couldn't decide.
Finally while out to breaky,
Sir Dan picked Mohegan Sun-
CTs one of two casinos.
We love Mohegan,
and to spend the day there is so much fun.
Off we went,
talking the whole 2 hour car ride,
not a care in the world.
We get to Mohegan, put our car in their free valet,
and in we went to hopefully not donate.

Sir Dan saw a TV that said:
Tonights Show- Straight No Chaser at 7pm.
We love them and saw them last year at the same time same place.
Sir Dan looked up tickets and saw that there were some still available.
We ran to the box office and purchased two tickets to see the
amazing acapella group for $30 each!
We were so stoked!
Our impromptu date day turned even more awesome.
(ps- if you've never heard them,
search their music it's amazing).

We walked around the casino,
played roulette and craps-
which we both lost on :(
but didn't care cause we were having so much fun
and because it was so beautifully decorated.
I looked at my phone and one of my best friends texted me
that she was at the casino.
We talked, found out they were seeing the show,
ended up meeting up together, had dinner and went to the show.
Another awesome coincidence!!

After the show,
we met outside and decided to try our luck
one more time at roulette, right by valet.
My luck changed and almost ended up breaking even!
A great way to end a perfect day.

today I am relaxing all day!
We had some bad weather overnight 
consisting of mainly ice which we encountered on our way home.
So I am in my footie pjs, still in bed,
watching the rain :)

How was your weekend?


  1. What a great way to end your weekend! I'm glad it looked up for you! :)

  2. Sounds like you and Dan had the perfect date day! Now I need to go look up that group!!

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend and date day! Those are fun and hard to come by nowadays haha
    I'm having a Weekend Recap linkup on my blog ! Would love for you to be a part of it :)

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