Wednesday, October 31, 2012

newlyWed halloWeen Wednesday

Happy Halloween!!
Unfortunately for us here in the Northeast,
it does not feel like Halloween.
So to make it feel a little more Weenie,
we went out and bought candy because our town didn't cancel it,
and are watching the best Halloween movie ever:
Hocus Pocus.
I can recite every line to this movie,
and have to watch it every Halloween.
I am a big fan of the word Yabos (boobs) that they have come up with.

today on newlyWed Wednesday,
I am going to tell all of you about our HONEYMOON!!!
Woot woot.
Be advised now, this post is going to have quite a few pictures ;)

First I'll start by telling you that Dan and I are very adventurous,
our goal is to travel the world.
We didn't want just a romantic, lovie dovie honeymoon,
we were all about the Go Big or Go Home motif and to start our adventures right away.

We decided on a 8 day cruise to the Caribbean
on none other than the Oasis of the Seas,
with a balcony.

Looking from our room onto the balcony
Dan has never been on a cruise before,
and I have been on a few and knew he would love it,
and he was more than willing to try.
He loved it!

Rule of advice for couples getting married:
Don't do what we did in booking your honeymoon-
have a late night wedding and have to get up super early for a flight.
Our wedding ended around 12:30am and we had to get up at 4am to catch our flight.
Wait a day or two.
The only reason we didn't, 
was because we would've had to wait an extra week to catch the next cruise- 
so we sucked it up...
and slept the entire plane ride:

We were very fortunate to get on the ship very early and have time to explore.
Also to our surprise,
my mother-in-law bought us a romance package which we received upon entering our room:

Non alcoholic and alcoholic 
Our travel agent who helped us book our honeymoon also got us a honeymoon package:

We are very lucky to have such amazing friends and family to make our special adventure
that much more special.

The ship itself was absolutely amazing!! 
If I tried to describe it,
I would probably do a crappy job. 
So I'll let the pictures do the talking on this one:

The food was absolutely to die for...
and trust us because we literally ate our way through our honeymoon!
Surprisingly we came home roughly the same weight plus an extra person or two.
They literally have 24 hours worth of food-
you want it, 
they got it somewhere on the ship.
We were big fans of the late night pizza slices.
And the best part...
it is all FREE!!! 

Don't forget about the amazing drinks of the day!
I had to get one each day and each came in a souvenir cup!


But we didn't pick our cruise for the food and drinks...
ok we did, 
but that's not the onlllyyy reason!
We got to see 3 fabulous islands! 
The Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maartin.

We were only in the Bahamas for a little while,
and since we both have no hair and didn't plan on getting our hair braided,
we stayed on the ship and sun bathed/sun burned.

We decided that in St. Thomas we would go to Meagans Bay-
one of the worlds best beaches-
and go shopping in downtown.
Dan has never seen crystal clear blue water,
it was like watching a nerd at comicon.

In St. Maartin,
we booked an amazing, highly recommended excursion:
Canopy Adventure Tour.
Not only do you zipline from treetops,
but you also have to go through obstacles.
We very much recommend it!!
Especially going through the rainforests!


And not only were there fun excursions off the ship,
but we found tons of adventures and activities on the ship as well.

We had the best time on our honeymoon.
I wouldn't do anything different,
besides not getting up at the butt crack of dawn.

Hope you enjoyed the journey through our honeymoon.
See you next time :)