Wednesday, October 24, 2012

newlyWed Wednesday

I'm going to come out and say it...
This Hump Day SUCKED!
It dragged like no other and at the rate today was going, it should be next Wednesday.
Has it seemed like a long week for anybody else?!
The only thing that kept me chugging along was know it is
And that there's only two days until the weekend :)

This week on newlyWed Wednesday,
we are going to talk about our wedding theme.
Yup, Dan and I had an actual theme.
An amazing theme.
That worked so well for us and our relationship.

What is that theme you ask?
In general: a MOVIE theme.
More specifically: A Premier to 'It's a Wedding,'
the story of our lives together.

The back of the place cards at our wedding, names and tables were on the front
We went aaallll out, I mean aalll out!!!
It was spectacular.

Dan and I love the movies,
not only is a great date night and was one of our firsts,
but who doesn't love eating super buttery, salty popcorn during the previews?!

Dan and I own about 300 movies,
and that rough estimate is on the lighter side.
No lie!

Some fun details that we had at our wedding:
Our save the dates were film strips,
our invitations were an invitation to the premier of 'us,'
my mom and bridal party made my surprise bridal shower into the same theme,
we had a red carpet for our bridal party and us to walk into our reception on,
we had 'hollywood squares' with our bridal party's name on them,
we had a candy bar with popcorn boxes as the favors,
our table names were movie CHANGED slightly to titles reflecting our lives on DVD covers,
on our placecard table we had a big movie poster to the premier of 'It's a Wedding,'
our envelope holder was decorated in a movie-esque way,
the bridesmaids had boas and the groomsmen had aviators to walk the red carpet with,
and we had AWESOME colors- cobalt blue with accents of BRIGHT fuschia pink. 

Most importantly,

the extra work and time was well worth it,
because it was US!
We had a ton of help from our friends and family,
and couldn't have done most of it without our good friend and wedding planner supreme:
Raychel from Kush Event Planning.
Check her out, she is absolutely amazing!

And what would newlyWed Wednesday be without some pictures??!

Have a great couple days until the weekend...
See you next week for more wedding whimsy.


Stay tuned for tonights dinner recipe... it's a good one ;)

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