Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thowback Thursday

Welcome to the second happiest day of the week... Thursday! 
 Which for different people it means different things. 
For example, 
I do not like Thursday because it means that I will probably have to work 8-6:30pm the next day and I MIGHT have to work Saturday.
 This week I got lucky: even though I am working Saturday I am not working 10.5 hours tomorrow, just 7 hours... and that doesn't seem like a huge difference, but it is!!! 

Before we get to Throwback Thursday, 
am going to fill you all in on... 
 Nicole's Pinterest Food Challenge!
 Be excited because that means awesome recipes for everybody, which means awesome food for all :)
 Some of you might know what 'pinterest' is and some might not. 
In a nutshell it is yet another social network where people go to find things they are interested in and virtually pin them to their interest boards. 
 This is where I get most of my ideas for recipes, most of the time I alter them to my liking. 
I constantly am pinning new recipes cause they all just look SO good. 
 Then about a week ago I decided to actually LOOK at my board and see what I have been pinning over the last 6 months. 
Come to find out, I HAVE AMAZING RECIPES AND CREATIONS PINNED ALREADY! Which got me to thinking: 
I wonder how many recipes I could actually create! 
The rules of Nicole's Pinterest Food Challenge are simple: 
I cannot pin or try any recipes that are not already pinned until I have completed 75% of what is already up there. 
Thats it. 
This will take a while, but I always love a challenge :) 
To make sure I am not cheating, here is the last food thing I have pinned: 
 Skinny Halloween Treat: 4-Ingredient Homemade Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt

Ok so now it's time for THROWBACK THURSDAY!!!

This is our first picture together, Christmas Eve 2009.
Dan was about 50lbs heavier,
I, about 30lbs lighter... with brown short hair.
This is also the first time Dan met my parents and sister.

This is our first football party together where he got thrown into meeting my entire family.

Our first Valentine's Day together which was amazing: 
We went to Cafe on the Green which is a beautiful, romantic restaurant.
We got a hotel room at the Ethan Allen Hotel, where he had 2 dozen Godiva chocolate covered strawberries, roses, and goodies all laid out for when I got there.

Our first trip to NYC together: 
Dan got Mamma Mia tickets as a surprise for me
and I got to meet some of Dans awesome high school friends
(who got married a year ago this week, congrats you love birds... S&J)

Sorry for that brief break... love them!
Can't help it.

Our first Easter together.
And our first bunny house.

My first Yankee game!!
Dans first Yankee game with me.

Our first Wildwood experience together.

Celebrating my birthday together for the first time.

Our first Big E experience!!! 

And that is all for today...
maybe there is another Throwback Thursday in the future to finish off our first year together.
For now, here are some fun first year facts:
Our first date was to Olive Garden in Danbury.
Dan met my parents before we technically started dating.
We became official on December 31st, 2009.
The weekend before Valentine's Day, we said I love you to each other.
The day after that first Valentine's Day, I met Dans mom.
We moved in together 6 months-ish after we started dating.

Yay almost Friday!!! 
Happy ALMOST weekend.

No recipe tonight-
we had to run to the mall to put together our Halloween costumes,
so we ate there.
Wait until you see pictures of our costumes- they're hilarious, and perfect for us.

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  1. Amazing, babe! You guys are SO special to me, to everyone you meet! I love both of you so much!