Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wacky Weekend

Weekends always seem to be crazy busy.
I normally like to be busy and constantly on the move.
Saturday morning consisted of pre-work cuddling and contemplating,
and finally getting up to go to work.
Let me just start by stating how much I HATE working Saturday mornings.
It ruins the entire weekend because:
you can't go out Friday and really enjoy yourself cause you know you have to get up,
you work until noon and then are probably tired from attempting to go out Friday and are in need of a nap,
even though it's only four hours- it is the longest work day ever!
That's really about all.
Oh and your weekend is cut short,
I received this amazing phone call today stating that we are closed tomorrow due to the impending weather- I literally jumped for joy.
Yes we might not have power, 
or be able to do much besides sit at home and watch the weather,
but I don't have to get dressed and sit at work.
I'm sure many others feel the same way: cough*head*rob*cough
haha ;)

I treasure Sundays.
They are the BEST day ever, 
until it gets to be like 8pm and then you remember tomorrow's Monday.
But Sundays are the best!
Senor Daniel heads up to his brothers in northern CT,
while I go to my parents house to do laundry and bake.
Sundays equal relaxation and bake-nation! 
Family time, puppy cuddles, food galore, football, and naps.
What's not to love!? 

I decided to hit up my pinterest board for todays recipe.
Please please hold on to your stomachs and salvation glands for this one.
I'm gonna say it slowly for ya:
Peanut Butter.
Yes you can thank me now
It doesn't take a whole lot to make it, 
just a lot of bowls and measuring tools.
Yes I will tell you how to make it now,
and not keep you waiting.
I just gotta say one thing first:
Go Giants! 


What you'll need:
1. Brownie mix- or you can get mini brownies at the store depending upon what you wanna do
2. 1 box of chocolate instant pudding
3. 1- 8oz container of whipped cream CHEESE
4. Mini reeses peanut butter cups
5. 2 Tablespoons Milk
6. 3-4 Tablespoons Sugar- yes 3-4 depending on how sweet you like your whip cream.
*you can also use cool whip if you don't want to make this layer
7. 1 Cup Confectioners Sugar
8. 1 Cup creamy peanut butter
9. 2 Cups Heavy Cream

Ok there is a lot of different ways to do this so basically I'll tell ya how I put it all together,
and you go and do whatever you need to :)

How I layered my trifle (from bottom to top):
brownie cubes
Whipped Cream layer
Peanut Butter layer
 Pudding layer
brownie cubes
Whipped Cream layer
Peanut Butter layer
 Pudding layer
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Process to awesome:

First if you are making the brownies, do them first as per box instructions.
They take a while to cool. 
 I put mine in the freezer when they were done to speed the cooling process.
Also spray the crap out of the brownie pan and it'll pop right out, then cut!


Make the whipped cream layer next:
Using a mixer or hand mixer- beat heavy cream and sugar together until stiff peaks form.
*I had no idea what the stiff peaks would look like, but you can tell its done. I waited a little bit longer after that point because it does sit for a while.
Put in fridge until ready to layer.

Next onto the peanut butter layer:
mix peanut butter and cream cheese together until creamy.
Add confectioners sugar and mix well.
Add milk and take 1 cup of whip cream mixture and add it to the peanut butter mixture.
Mix only about a minute after adding the whip cream.


Make instant pudding as per box directions:
normally it's: pour 2 cups of COLD milk into bowl and add mix. 
Let sit until it gets jiggley.

Now this part stinks and I didn't even think about it until I did it:
open bag of reeses cups and unwrap each individual one- the whole bag.
yes it is super tedious but I got into a rhythm and you will too.
I stacked them and cut them in half. 
They are super easy to cut thru surprisingly.

Oh no!! One left- what ever shall I do!? ;)

Line everything up and get everything ready- I used a spatula to spread the layers.
You can probably use any bowl you want, I know I would.
We were lucky enough to receive a 5 in 1 cake/trifle/pitcher thing which was great for this.
But all in all:
it's going to mush together and drop into each other, so go crazy.
Then layer away. 
Definitely use the brownie layer first,
but the rest is up to you.
Yes, I'm letting you make your own call.
You can do it!!! 

It's Sunday
 and most of my readers are also getting ready for the hurricane...

Which brings me to my next slight tangent:
It's funny-ish I promise.
My branch manager was telling all the customers for the last week-
Ok, now will somebody please explain this to me-
if we lose power, which is almost inevitable, why the heck would you buy milk and eggs?!
The milk will definitely go bad no matter how hard you try,
and yes if you have a gas stove you can cook eggs...
but seriously,
think before you speak.
And because most people are probably wondering what we bought to survive:
alcohol, chips, cookies, soda/water, canned chicken and veggies (to make chix salad).
non-perishables = will last without power.

No work for me tomorrow :)

Good luck to all.
Keep in touch.
Leave everything on a charger until the power goes out.
Shower right before bed.
Sleep, drink, eat junk food, and be Sandy!

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