Tuesday, October 9, 2012



As most of you know, or now know, Dan and I are newlyweds! 

However, we are unlike most newlyweds or couples,
we like to constantly go on adventures- both in and out of the kitchen.  

Since we began living together, we have sought out opportunites to explore the world about us, and the flavor potential which surrounded us.  

We've recently begun exploring something a little more close to us- the kitchen-
and all it has to offer. 
With our recent discovery about how wonderful and fun the kitchen could be, especially as a couple, we decided to make this little blog to share our awesome discoveries with everybody.

We want a chance to try and experience new foods, flavors, and recipes, as well as find new ways of enjoying the classics.  We will share with you all that we find, and put some new spins on things.  And, as always, we're open to suggestions.

All that said, 
Bon Apetite 

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