Sunday, October 28, 2012

Freakin Friday

Ok so this past week completely SUCKED.
From shitty work days, 
to random life events,
to crappy Halloween endeavors...
It just all around stunk! 
But today is Friday and I was happy that the week was almost over-
and I got to come into work late because I am working tomorrow (saturday).
I was well rested,
all positive (as I always try to be) about going to work...
I walked in to a coworker dieing on drive up and being sent home.
Which meant we were down 2 people,
on a friday...
before a supposed hurricane.
Now normally I don't mind drive up,
but I had been on said position three times this week,
and just didn't want to.
But I did, 
what could I do... 
I'm just a teller.
So there I sat, aaallll day,
with the possibility of contracting whatever my coworker had,
(even though we did disinfect the area like crazy).
And then to make matters worse,
people were being RIDICULOUS!!!!
You would honestly think we were world problem solvers and could answer anybodys questions, about anything.
On my lunch break around 1pm,
I decided to take an adventure to my parents house to see my family and puppy...
they always make me feel better, even if it is only for 20 minutes.
And my sister was doing our friends make up for Halloween, 
so needless to say- I was in better spirits,
and looking forward to getting into our costumes for a Halloween bash.
The day continued to drag until about 5pm when one of our commerical customers brought us free pizza...
and then I got to leave at 5:30pm.
Now I don't know if this happens to anybody else, 
but when a day goes by really slow,
and you aren't busy,
you get super tired!!! 
I had gotten a great nights sleep and got to sleep in,
and I felt like I just went through a tough mudder contest
and haven't slept for days. 
When I got home, Dan and I both took a nap,
I think he just wanted to cuddle,
or knows I have a hard time sleeping when his warmth isn't by me.
Either way, we took a short nap.
After our amazing nap,
we headed over to my parents where my sister did my make up for the party.
Any time she does my make up,
we always end up laughing hysterically.
And needless to say,
this was no different. 
She was putting on my fake eyelashes,
which heads up- feel like bats on your eyelids-
and said something about what I was doing and I went into full blown hysterical laughter.
My eyes were tearing, my stomach was hurting, and I couldn't stop.
Mind you- my make up was basically done, all I needed were those lashes on.
Finally I calmed down cause we were late and still needed to get dressed.
Dan and I were a pimp and dominatrix.
It's always fun to dress up and be something you are not in normal life.
So off we were to McGuire's for their Halloween bananza-
and there was NOBODY there. 
But we made the most of the night and danced to DJ Johnnie Love.
Because I had to work in the morning,
Dan and I peaced out around midnight, or tried to.
We never are able to leave when we want to,
but thats cause we love everybody there.

See you during the weekend for an amazing dessert recipe :)

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