Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Teaspoon of Love

Todays post is going to be a little taste of our marriage.
Yes, it's time for the sappy oo's and eww's .

First lets start with a brief step into the time machine to 3 years ago...

Dan and I happened to be in the same Statistical Psych class;
I, studying for my psychology degree
Dan, studying for his third degree of psychology.
I, yes me Nicole, had made moves to get 'closer' to Dan- 
I moved my seat next to him and did everything I could to be around him.
One of the last days of our class for the semester,
I knew I had to get Dans number or else I would lose him forever.
So December 3rd, 2009 I devised a plan to get his number.
Needless to say, from where we are today, I got it... and the rest is history.

But not really!

Or else this post would be mighty boring.
We got married June 1st, 2012 and have been in the 'honeymoon' stage since 2009.
We don't think it will ever end, and are doing everything we can to keep it that way.
I strongly dislike when people 'bash' our happiness, most comments come from those of unhappy relationships.
We think of our love and marriage as one of a kind and here's why:
in the 3 years we've been together we have barely fought-
instead of fighting, we each have our moment (sometimes more) of anger and frustration, and then talk about it right away.
Communication really is the key to any happy relationship and we do nothing but communicate.
We would also like to share one of the most fun activities that we do on a daily basis:
It sounds funny and probably slightly immature however, it's a lot of fun.
It started when we would go to bed at night and now our pillow talk questions pop up every where, alternating between us.
Here's an example of a pillow talk question I'd ask Dan: Pillow talk (must always start with that or else is doesn't count), when we have kids, can we still have date nigths?
They can be about anything, specific or general, and always answered honestly.
Try it and tell us what you think- it's fun!

Dan and I also go on a lot of adventures, both around CT and beyond!

Recently, we did our tour of New Haven which consists normally of ihop, ikea, Libbys, and sometimes VIP.
This adventure consisted of ikea and Libbys Italian Pastry Shop.
We go around ikea planning our dream house every time and look for new displays. Each time we end up leaving with something we didn't need but needed when we saw it.
Some of our greatest adventures are around town with friends and family.

Some of fun facts about the happy couple:

we are constantly doing little projects around our apt- like our soon to be melted crayon art which will contain one of our wedding pictures in the middle when it's done.

We LOVE dogs and plan on getting a puppy when the time and money is right:

This is a puppy we played with- a baby girl who was the most lovable golden ever.
We are very family oriented
Our entire family from our wedding

\We say 'I Love You' all day every day, all day.

That's all for now on love, all the mushy stuff can be a lot to handle at once <3

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  1. Awww!! I love that you and I both have the same views about the honeymoon stage! Our relationships are a lot alike.. its kinda freaky but cool!! Loved this post <3 Your wedding pictures are beautiful! =)