Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How to Survive a Hurricane

Wweee arreee bacckk!!!
Dan and I were powerless for about a day and stuck at my parents-
trees down at either end of our road. 
Thank goodness for the tree workers who were able to get rid of the trees at one end.

Today I thought it'd be fun to talk about survival,
and how to be a survivor during crazy weather.
And for most of you who know me,
this is going to be funny cause I really am an indoorsy, love power kind of gal.

To begin:
first thing to do is shop for NON-perishable foods.
For example- bread, chips, cookies, veggies, fruits... basically anything that doesn't need to be in a fridge/freezer.
As I stated in a previous post, 
everybody kept saying to go buy milk and eggs.
I still don't understand especially after having to watch my parents buy lots of ice to try and keep their good cold.
Don't be dumb,
go with the non-perishables.

Think of stuff to do in case the governor deploys a state of emergency or shuts the state down.
Kayla did my nails
and Dan and I melted crayons.
We were lucky to not lose power until around 7pm,
and because of that we cooked everything we'd need for dinner early just in case.
It was actually a great idea because as soon as dinner was done,
the lights went out...
for good! 

PLAN: Prepare a List for After Nightfall
What will you do if you lose power and it is dark?
Light candles and try to find every flashlight ever!!
We suggest:
grabbing some board games, cards, arts and crafts,
stuff that can be done without electricity. 
We are quite big fans of taboo and scattegories.
Not only was it the four of us playing taboo,
but my parents joined in and we all died laughing.
If you are a drinker, 
stock up on alcohol, but don't get hammer shmammered.
You will have to pee a lot
and you don't want to throw up.

The day after the big event,
we suggest turning a radio on if you lost power.
Or taking a walk down the road to see if powerlines or trees are on the road.
If you can get out, 
be safe and watch out for power lines that are down and trees hanging on the lines.

For some reason,
Dan, Kay, and I all really wanted pancakes and eggs.
So after we found out we could escape- to the diner we went,
and indulged in a lot of amazing food.

After we indulged,
it was off to grams house.
She is so lucky and never loses power in any storm.
We always end up at her house during natural disasters.
We showered and recharged everything back up.
I also found this little treasure as we were leaving:

Gram and Pa 'the mayor' on one of the cruises

If you lose power,
most friends/family will help you out.
If you have no way of getting in contact with them,
social networks are a great way to get the word out.

After recharging at grams and relaxing with lights,
we decided to adventure to our apt to see what the situation was here.
On our way in to town,
everything had electricity,
so we figured that there was no way our neck of the woods would be up and running.
To much of our amazement,
we have power!!! 
I have never been so happy to flick on a light switch and light come out.
We have opened up our house to anybody who does not have electricity
and would like to come shower, recharge, and relax.
Just give us a call or text.

We also found out that it is Taco Bells free Doritos Locos Tacos day,
so on our way back to the mothership,
we stopped for free tacos.
They were delish!
Probably even better cause they were free.

Naps are much needed as well.
Remember to rest up!

Also a very important survival tip:
make sure all your electronics are fully charged. 
Leave them on the charger as long as you can or until the power goes out to ensure maximum power.

downloading game is not a bad thing!
They will keep you occupied, but be careful, they suck your battery life up!
Use sparingly.

My new favorite game- streaker
After dropping my sister back off at home,
and hanging out with the parentals a little longer,
Dan and I headed back to our humble electricity driven abode.
And are currently watching another one of our favorite movies:

'It's time to nut up or shut up!'
A great phrase for a natural disaster.

Hope everybody made it out of this safely.
We are thinking about all that are without power or homes.
Until next time...

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