Wednesday, October 24, 2012


After newlyWed Wednesday,
it was time to get to my rightful place-
The Kitchen!
And some might see that as a sexist joke,
but not me,
And I'm hoping you are starting to as well.

So onto dinner in the Gilbert house.
I'm sure you can guess what it is-
but not what is contained with in said dinner.
Prepare to be jealous.

Cheesy Chicken, Bacon, and Avocado Quesadillas

What you will need:
(and for once, it isn't a lot)

1. Flour tortillas- they come normally in packages of 8

2. skinless, boneless chicken breasts- if making for 2 people= you'll only need 2 boobs
3. Bacon, cooked- now the original said crumbled, however I left them in strips, and used precooked bacon and all I had to do was microwave it
4. 1 avocado
5. Shredded cheese- I used the Mexican Blend
6. Butter
7. Diced tomatoes if you so please

El processo:
Cut and cube chicken into SMALL cubes. You do NOT need a lot of chicken- one breast is fine.
Put a small amount of olive oil in a pan and place chicken in it.

While chicken is browning, microwave bacon and either crumble it up or leave it in strips.

Flip chicken over one time and brown. Make sure chicken is cooked through and place on plate.
Clean pan and lay everything out!
It sounds stupid but once you start the quesadillas, things move so quickly you won't have time do any prep work.
I cubed the avocado, put a spoon in the tomatoes, got my tortillas out, opened the shredded cheese, and had the chicken handy!

Put a good amount of butter in pan. Like a good amount- we use 'I can't believe it's not butter.'

When butter is foamy: 

Put ONE flour tortilla in pan and swirl it around to get it nice and buttery.
With butter side still down, place your ingredients on HALF of the tortilla- Senor Dan doesn't like tomatoes or avocado (I know, right! weirdo!!!), so I lined his with:
cheese, 2 strips of bacon, chicken, and more cheese. For mine:
cheese, 2 strips of bacon, chicken, avocado, tomatoes, more cheese.


Once all ingredients are placed on tortilla, carefully pull (with fingers or tongs) the other side over ingredients.

Since that side has been down a while, I let it cook for a little longer, while pushing down and squeezing the sides together. 

Flip quesadillas carefully and let cook for about another minute and transfer to plate.

We added some mild salsa on the top (note: if you put tomatoes in your quesadilla, don't put salsa on top! ttooo many tomatoes) and ate them with a fork and knife...

cause they are super messy! 


Trust me: put this on the menu... it's cheap, easy-ish if you have quick hands, and DELICIOUS!!!

Let us know how your quick hands go :) 

Comments are always welcome, especially on a HUMP day post.
I just like saying HUMP day. 
Kill me!

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