Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Whimsy

Where do the weekends go?? 
That is definitely a great question... and I have yet to find the answer.
If you know the answer, feel free to share.

Today, I have no recipes for you.
Yes, I know, what else could possibly be contained in this post.
bummer!!! no recipes, what am I going to make for dinner nowww??

Since the weekend flew by,
this is just going to be a fun post...
About our weekend events.

First let me start off by saying, 
I'm a fake blond.
There- I said it!
I do get my hair highlighted and I love it.
Every woman should have some me time, and this is mine.

In the processing stage
Let me just tell you:
any salon that lets you tell your life story to them while feeding you large glasses of wine,
is an amazing way to finish a long week.

I've recently become quite obsessed with my long locks- 
so when my hair came out the perfect color, I almost cried.
Tears of joy of course.

I also have this problem where I change my color frequently,
but I've been a blond bombshell for a while,
and don't see any change in the near future.

That being said: Ladies, treat yourself to a new-do day!

New do aside:
Senor Dan decided he was going to try and make a new meal from scratch,
all planned in his head, while I was having Nicole time.
It was super cute, the whole idea and all...
nooottt the actual food.
Ladies and Gents we had our first FOOD FAIL!

What is this, you might ask?
He was trying to make ground turkey stuffed stromboli.
But the yeast/dough and meat did not work out so well in the oven.
I felt so bad for Senor Daniel, he was so sad...
but I laughed... in his face... by accident... ok, on purpose. 
But he ended up laughing too! 
Back up plan:

And they were amazing!
And Dan made them.
Point- Dan.

One of my hobbies, turned slightly side business, is Photography.
I've taken many a class regarding said hobby and lloovvee this time of year for outdoor shoots.
The plus side is also that I have gotten Dan very much into photography,
so he now comes and assists on most of my shoots.
I received an inquiry from a friend asking about a fall sibling shoot and was ssoo happy
to get back to my camera...
Rewind: because of the wedding and crazy summer, I held off shoots until everything settled.
Ok, back to present: 
we got to spend this beautiful Saturday morning with them in the even more beautiful
Wickham park (Manchester, CT).
We had a BLAST!!! And got some amazing photos as well.

Brothers and sisters
If you want to see more of my work, please check out my facebook page (you don't have to be a member of facebook to check it out):

My trusty assistant/pack mule
After our awesome shoot, Dan and I headed up to New Hampshire for 
the annual Keene Pumpkin Festival and to meet all of Dans extended family.
And when I say all, I mean ALL!
We had a blast and the scenery was drop dead gorgeous!
The ride up in itself was beautiful, and the house was on a crystal clear lake... 
uhh... I just wanted to jump in!

A panoramic view of the lake

We would definitely move up to NH, except for the whole
Nicole-is-petrified-and-hates-snow thing.
After eating about 10x mine and Dans body weights combined,

it was time to head to the pumpkin festival.
Yes everybodys seen pumpkins before in bulk, mainly in the pumpkin patch,
but THIS was unreal! First off, the family had 60+ pumpkins that we all had to carve.

Keene was trying to break the record for most lit pumpkins at one time,
if they didn't make it... well I don't know what would happen, but it'd suck.
We saw sssooo many neat pumpkins, definitely a recommended adventure.

Not only do they have the entire green bombarded by pumpkins, but they also have a huge scaffolding with about 1,000 pumpkins on it.

The one problem with this wonderful event,
Keene is consisted of about 10,000 people, and there were about 10x that amount squished into a tiny town.
Needless to say, we were squished.

After a few hour ride back,
most of which I slept while Dan drove,
we were exhausted.
This is the cute face I woke up to this morning:

I am probably going to die for putting this up,
but hey! I just want to share the cuteness.
Be jealous, he's super cuddly.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend as well :)
let us know what you did (click 'comment' below),
we'd love to know.

OH WAIT!!! I made an amazing breaky Saturday morning:

All it is:
A fried egg or two, tomato, cheese, and avocado!
Ta-da... and it's healthy!
(I use weight watchers bread so it's even more healthy)

See I wouldn't let ya down! 

Happy Monday...
almost ;)

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