Monday, July 29, 2013

Feeling the Burn.

I forgot to share this super exciting news with you all last week!!
I don't know how considering it's all over my
twitter and instagram,
but I'll share anyway.

 Monday, I was talking about
Signing back up for the gym. 
My amazing husband drove me there and
Is paying for me to go!!!!
He knows how important it is for me 
So i am super excited about being able to go to the gym again.
Theres a bunch in the areas I will be in,
It is the perfect situation!!!

Over the course of the week,
I went every day and changed my workouts every day.
I started back up with Couch 2 5K
which has an amazing app and I highly recommend for
those couch potatoes who wanna run like me.
I worked out my legs one day, arms the next, midsection the next.
And then started back with legs.

Couch 2 5K is 3 times a week, every other day. 
When I'm not training for that,
I go onto the elliptical and do a couple miles on that
in the cardio cinema
Yes you heard me right- a cinema.
It is a darkened room (like a theater) with
all cardio equiptment in it. 
They play a movie and you workout.
It is amazing and the best idea ever.
I don't even feel the sweat or like I'm working out.
I do keep one ear bud in because I like the music,
and because Couch 2 5K tells me when to walk/run.
Day 1
Getting back into the gym was slightly nerve racking,
but more exciting than anything.
And the first week I was definitely feeling the burn.
I still am, 
but I kept going.
I love feeling the burn,
it makes me feel like I'm doing something right.
I also can't beileve how out of shape I am.
It was even hard to run for 1 minute,
1 freakin minute!!! 
Day 2- workin out the guns

But this is the start of something great!
I healthier and stronger me.
One that isn't embarassed by my stomach,
arms that keep waving when I stop,
thighs that rub together so much they can start a bonfire.
I'm not giving up...
Didn't think I'd make it, but pushed through.


Friday, July 26, 2013

A 5 Star Meal in Less Than a Half Hour

Boy oh boy does it feel good to get back
to why I started this blog.
I love cooking and have been,
but haven't been sharing.
So sorry :( 
Here's a delish recipe to make it up to you.

Wednesday night we had one of
our favorite newlywed couples over for dinner.
They were the beautiful couple who got 
married this past May and we love to hang out with them.
We all just get along so well
and have so much fun together.
It's surprising what we talk about,
but hilarious and just like us all at the same time.

because all 4 of us are watching what we eat
and doing this whole clean eating and exercising shpeel,
I was scouring pinterest for a delicious healthy meal
that was quick and easy but looked like I spent hours
prepping and cooking.

I finally found this delicious tilapia meal
called Parmesan Broiled Tilapia.
I'm not a huge fan of parmesan but the whole
meal only had a few ingredients and sounded so stinkin easy.
I couldn't say no.

Once I asked if everybody liked tilapia,
the meal was a go.
And today,
I will share with you a delicious dinner
that anybody can throw together.
You know how I know that?!
Because I always dry out fish!
I don't know why, 
but I always leave it in too long.
And guess what?!
That didn't happen this time,
fool proof I tell ya.

What You'll Need:
* 4 tilapia fillets (defrosted if frozen)
* 1/4 Parm cheese
* 1/8 or as we found out 2 tablespoons of butter
* 1 1/2 tablespoons of Mayo
* 1 tablespoon lemon juice
* Fresh Dill for seasoning

The How To:
1. Turn broiler onto high and put the oven rack on top.
2. In a small bowl, mix everything but the fillets together.
3. Place fillets on a foil lined pan.
4. Broil for 3 minutes.
5. Take fish out, flip each one over and spoon/spread the mixture over 
the uncooked side of the fillets.
6. Lightly cover with foil to prevent mixture from spitting on the burner.
7. Return to the oven and broil for 3-4 minutes.
* I started at 3 minutes when I put them back in, checked the inside
to see if they needed more time... best way to not over cook the fish.

That's it!!
Most of the things you probably already have,
we had dill and I have no idea.
Thank you random wedding spice rack gift.
I served the fish with Rice Pilaf, corn, and fresh salad.

And it was a hit!!!
We all loved the meal!
The fish didn't taste like fish,
so if you wanna try fish-
this is definitely the meal to do it with.
Sir Dan and I loved it so much,
that the 2 fillets we had leftover we had the next night for dinner.

Try it and let me know what you think!!
Or if you have any questions,
I'd be happy to answer them for you!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Going Strong All Week Long

I feel so at ease knowing I am 
not alone in the weight gain/loss journey.
Thank you all for your constant support
and uplifting to help me get back on the healthy train.
I cannot do this without you all,
trust me... I've tried.

I've been dieting or clean eating
now for a week and let me just tell you...
I did it!
Yes one week sounds ridiculous
and rejoicing over the hills about it.
But I made the weekend,
and not by a little bit.
By a lot!
The weekends are definitely the hardest,
you never know what you might encounter,
food wise that is.
This weekend I had an idea but still,
ya never really know.

My sisters surprise engagement was at a German restaurant.
I've never actually eaten German food,
but I know it's a lot of schnitzle.
I was nervous about eating out,
like anxiously nervous because I want to do this.
And when it came time to eat,
I had very small portions and not a lot at all.
They had vegetables and fruit,
which I indulged in with nothing on them.
I had absolutely no dessert and didn't even know if there was any offered.
What I don't know won't tempt me.

Sunday I ate at my parents house
to celebrate the engagement with a small piece of swordfish.

I also want to tell you all how great and energized I feel since
being strict with my eating.
I don't feel bloated anymore,
which is huge cause it means I'm eating the right things.
I feel so much more energized 
and like I could run a ton of marathons in one day.
It's definitely changing my life,
and with the way I feel I don't
want to go back to my bad habits.

Every morning I have two of these peanut butter balls:
One cup oats, peanut butter, chocolate chips.
2/3 of a cup of honey.
Mix together, put in the fridge for at least a half hour,
roll into balls, and store in the fridge.
They keep you extremely full for a long time,
that's what I love most about them.

Every afternoon for lunch I have a salad 
loaded with veggies, some chickpeas, some
fresh mozzerella and oil&vinegar:
I also pair up my salad with fresh fruit.
Summer is the best time for fruit,
why not indulge.

Dinners are the hardest,
I've been really good about it,
but you have to know and be diligent about portion sizes.

Here is a pointer for you all:
* Make your lunches and breakfasts at the beginning of the week.
We would buy the stuff but get lazy after shopping
and never make them.
Most stupid mistake for me at least.
Now that everything is premade,
I go in the fridge and grab what I need.
Bam! No excuse to why I don't have it.

More good news in the weight loss area:
I was talking to my mom who loves helping 
and is the best woman ever...
I told her I am not going to quit and that I wish
I could go to the gym.
I absolutely loved going to the gym when we lived in the apt before this one.
And recently, a 24 hour gym opened by school.
Since finances are super tight,
I gave up trying to sign up at the gym.
I told my amazing mother,
she's going to help me with the membership
so I can go :).
I can't wait.

How is your clean eating, dieting, exercising going?!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Transformation Station is Back!

Last week I shared with you all
the fabulous Karla's new transformation 
and how awesome it all came out! 

For a while, 
well every since I started at school
and realized how bland and out of date
my hair has been,
I wanted to do a drastic haircut...
but kept putting it off.

After I cut Karla's hair and fell in love
with the cut,
I knew that would also suit my face
and lifestyle.

So on Thursday,
I cut off my hair and
got a similar style as Karla.
Same concept but a more drastic angle.
And of course I have pictures of the transformation.
One of my best friends at school cut it for me,
and she did a beyond fabulous job.

Bye bye dead nasty hair


Can't ya tell!!
I am completely IN LOVE with my hair.
I haven't gotten so many compliments on my hair...
It came out amazing and it is SO easy to maintain.
It takes less than 10 minutes to blow dry,
and anybody can do it.
Highly recommended for dull, thin, fine hair.
It makes your hair look thick and gorgeous.

What do you all think?! 


Monday, July 22, 2013

An Amazing, Memorable Weekend

About a month ago,
my sisters boyfriend started getting 
super serious about how he was going to propose,
along with where and when.

My sister has been very excited about
getting engaged and obsessing over the ring of her dreams.
I mean, what woman hasn't?

He knew exactly what ring to get
and finally made the jump to purchase the ring.
He let Sir Dan, my mom and dad, and I know
and then even let us see it when it finally came in.
It was beautiful and exactly what she wanted.

He also set up the date, time, and plan 
as to how he was going to do it.
We were all in the know except for my sister.
I couldn't have been more excited.
He had all the details down and set in motion,
it was just up to him to get her there.

Our family, his family, and close friends 
were all invited to the surprise.
We all went to one of their favorite restaurants
and set up with decorations and paraphernalia
in preparation for their arrival.

And when they did arrive,
boy was she beyond surprised.
I was the designated photographer and boy
did I get great pictures capturing every moment.

My baby sister is engaged...
I couldn't be happier with the man she's chosen
and for him to be my future brother :)

Here's some pictures from the blessed event:

He let her walk upstairs first.
She thought it was another grad party.
She has no idea still.

This is what she turned around to.

My mom and her

Time to celebrate...
Das Boot Style

His family :)
My sister and I
The family :)

We liked the paddle and getting spanked

Our boys put a ring on it
There you have my fabulous weekend :)
They want to have a longer engagement,
but knowing my sissy-
the planning has already started. 

Congrats to the bride and groom!! 


Friday, July 19, 2013

The Repeating Record

How many posts have I written about 
the dreaded two words:
Weight Loss?!
I believe about a bagillion,
or so it seems.
And it's the same thing
over and over again.

I just want to snap my fingers
and be the size and weight I want.
Is that too much to ask?!

The answer is obviously yes,
cause if that were true we wouldn't have 
the highest obesity count in the world.

And I fit in that count.
And I finally came to admit it.
Hey, the first step is admitting it,

The other day,
I was sitting at home and I just felt
Absolutely horrible about myself and
how I've let myself go.

Before I met Sir Dan,
I was a whomping 128 pounds. 
I had lost 30 pounds and looked
freakin sexy as hell.
this is proof
When I met Sir Dan,
I maintained the weight for all of 3 months.
I, like most women, 
got super comfortable wihtin our relationship
and put all, plus more, of the weight back on.

I lost weight for the wedding,
not as much as I wanted but I was comfortable.
going to my bridal shower
And like most newlyweds,
all the weight came back... and then some!

I feel like I've been dating my whole adult life.
Whether it's counting points, calories, working out,
It just hasn't ever stopped or gotten easier.

I am currently at my heaviest 
and extremely disgusted with myself.
And I have nobody to blame but myself.

And that other day when I felt like crawling in a hole,
I decided that I have to change.
My habits, eating and otherwise, have to change.

I'm starting with eating super healthy.
A cheat here and there is fine,
but only here and there.
I'm not counting anything...
habits need to change and I have to get use
to clean eating.

I would love to work out and go to the gym,
but unfortunately financing isn't there right now.
I loved going to the gym,
that's how I got down to a comfortable weight for the wedding.
Hopefully soon I'll be hittin the weights.

This is what my breakfast and lunches look like:
Oats, peanut butter, chocolate chips, and honey.
I eat 2 of these every morning paired with a piece of fruit.
They are so freakin good!!!
And they keep you full for so long.

Every good clean eater eats a crazy amount of salad.
And there's protein in there for good health :)
There you have it.
My commitment to myself for all to see.
I think I can.
I think I can.
So far so good,
goin strong!
Onto the weekend to bring on new challenges.

How is everybody doing with their weight loss challenges?!?


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Transformation Station!!

Today I am going to tell ya'll
and turn southern too
about my most favorite haircut and color to date.
And you might recognize the beautiful lady in the pictures.
You can also get the point of view of
being a client if you head on over to Karla's blog.

My dear friend called me up and told me
she wanted to cut her hair short...
like bye bye longish locks
and dead gross hair.
I knew just what we needed to do.
And her face shape and beauty was perfect for it.
It's what we like to call a stack bob-
basically a bob which goes short in back 
down to long in front... 
but with layering in the back for a sexy edgy look.

Lets just say...
I didn't think she could get any hotter or sexier
and then BAM!
Take a look at her journey:

Before cut and color:

During the process: 

Post color, pre cut:

During the cut:

 After the cut, pre texturizing and personalizing: 

Completely done!!! :

Ta da!!!
There ya have it..
the beautiful, sexy Karla
with her fabulous new cut and color!!

What do ya guys think!??