Friday, July 19, 2013

The Repeating Record

How many posts have I written about 
the dreaded two words:
Weight Loss?!
I believe about a bagillion,
or so it seems.
And it's the same thing
over and over again.

I just want to snap my fingers
and be the size and weight I want.
Is that too much to ask?!

The answer is obviously yes,
cause if that were true we wouldn't have 
the highest obesity count in the world.

And I fit in that count.
And I finally came to admit it.
Hey, the first step is admitting it,

The other day,
I was sitting at home and I just felt
Absolutely horrible about myself and
how I've let myself go.

Before I met Sir Dan,
I was a whomping 128 pounds. 
I had lost 30 pounds and looked
freakin sexy as hell.
this is proof
When I met Sir Dan,
I maintained the weight for all of 3 months.
I, like most women, 
got super comfortable wihtin our relationship
and put all, plus more, of the weight back on.

I lost weight for the wedding,
not as much as I wanted but I was comfortable.
going to my bridal shower
And like most newlyweds,
all the weight came back... and then some!

I feel like I've been dating my whole adult life.
Whether it's counting points, calories, working out,
It just hasn't ever stopped or gotten easier.

I am currently at my heaviest 
and extremely disgusted with myself.
And I have nobody to blame but myself.

And that other day when I felt like crawling in a hole,
I decided that I have to change.
My habits, eating and otherwise, have to change.

I'm starting with eating super healthy.
A cheat here and there is fine,
but only here and there.
I'm not counting anything...
habits need to change and I have to get use
to clean eating.

I would love to work out and go to the gym,
but unfortunately financing isn't there right now.
I loved going to the gym,
that's how I got down to a comfortable weight for the wedding.
Hopefully soon I'll be hittin the weights.

This is what my breakfast and lunches look like:
Oats, peanut butter, chocolate chips, and honey.
I eat 2 of these every morning paired with a piece of fruit.
They are so freakin good!!!
And they keep you full for so long.

Every good clean eater eats a crazy amount of salad.
And there's protein in there for good health :)
There you have it.
My commitment to myself for all to see.
I think I can.
I think I can.
So far so good,
goin strong!
Onto the weekend to bring on new challenges.

How is everybody doing with their weight loss challenges?!?



  1. You can do it girl! I think a lot of us newlyweds are going through the same thing. xoxox.

  2. You can do it girl. It usually just takes a made up mind to force something to change in your life. I know all about getting comfortable and putting the weight back on. I so did that. Now I'm pregnant on top of that happy/comfy weight (not that I'm complaining), but I'll have to seriously get back into exercising and eating better once the baby is born! :)

  3. It's so good to know that I am not alone! You can do it!! And I NEED that breakfast recipe! Seriously, it looks and sounds delicous!! Do you bake it? Hmm...

    Good luck this weekend! And stay strong!

  4. You can so do it! We are all in the same boat, love.
    I'm at my heaviest too & it's terrible.
    We can do it! :)

  5. Ugh I'm trying hard too - it stinks!