Monday, July 8, 2013


I haven't done this linkup in I don't know how long.
And what better way to kick off a week than
with some weekend shananies!?

I'm bringin it back to the 4th of July
because we had a pretty awesome day!!!
We went to Mohegan Sun which is a local casino.
We gambled, drank, ate, and partied the night away.
The bunch of us were having so much fun,
we even missed the fireworks show.

One of my best friends and I

Pretty awesome beer name

Dinner time lovin

Bought this.
Has much meaning recently...
more on that topic tomorrow

I actually won :) Made a $90 profit.

Partying at the pool party 
I mean look at those model poses
Friday after school and great news,
Sir Dan and I met up with family at a local 
outdoor concert in the park type of thing.

Thank you bomb pops

bringin it back old school style
Saturday started at school
and ended with our awesome friends Karla and Scott.
Karla took our one year anniversary pics for us
and they came out ah-mazing! 
I'll be posting more soon.

One of my favorite clients

A kind gentleman gave me this little
poppy at Dunkin Donuts.
I rocked it all day!

There's Karla the amazing photographer!

Karla and her new baby Tyson
a whole group of 30+ of us went to the Yankee game.
It was my cousins birthday (7/7/07 baby)
and Newtown day in rememberance of what happend on 12.14.12

On the bus ride there...
we had so many people we bought a bus for the day

A poster made for her bday

My sissy and I with the Yankees piggy

sitting in 100 degree weather to watch the game

Yayay birthday :)

And here's a little sneak peek at our one year anniversary pictures :)

Stay tuned for a big announcement
and more anniversary pics.

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  1. Those pictures look awesome! Looks like a great weekend girl!