Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Most Amazing Work Yet... Masquerade Style

hope you had an amazing weekend
and a fabulous Monday.
I spent the whole day yesterday
at our photo shoot.
The one I've been prepping for
for a while now.

I had a beautiful model,
who is a fellow student,
a goal in mind,
and we beyond exceeded.

From the beginning,
I had wanted to do an over the top look.
After all my ultimate goal is to win!
I'll settle for a finalist :).
Everybody had general ideas,
but I had a specific idea.

Who doesn't love a good costume party
with extravagant hair and makeup!?
I found 3 pictures online and used
those for inspiration.
Part of the contest is doing the cut,
color(s), style, and makeup...
All were accomplished over this past week in
preparation for the shoot yesterday.

The morning of the shoot 
and basically all week leading up to the shoot,
I was a ball of anxiety.
We didn't try out the hair or makeup beforehand,
it was do or die.

We got to school at 9:30am...
I didn't stop moving until about 2pm.
And everything just fell into place.
We wanted to use an energy drink can to keep 
the hair up,
but it was too big...
that was my only set back.
We ended up using a color bowl
and that stayed perfectly.
Nobody could tell but it 
made it so I didn't have to tease her hair
which causes a lot of damage.

I'm very into detail,
so her hair was the easiest part!
The makeup was ay-to the mazing.
I literally made a masquerade mask on her face.

I guess I should just show you all the pictures,
instead of describing it all.
So here you have it!
The admissions are due by the middle of July,
and I'm not sure when or if I'll hear back!
I'll keep you all posted.
Enjoy the show.

I mean how gorgeous can she be?!
She is naturally very beautiful and
rocked it in front of the camera.


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  1. Nicole!!! Ahhh! This is just so freaking awesome!! =D =D