Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Transformation Station!!

Today I am going to tell ya'll
and turn southern too
about my most favorite haircut and color to date.
And you might recognize the beautiful lady in the pictures.
You can also get the point of view of
being a client if you head on over to Karla's blog.

My dear friend called me up and told me
she wanted to cut her hair short...
like bye bye longish locks
and dead gross hair.
I knew just what we needed to do.
And her face shape and beauty was perfect for it.
It's what we like to call a stack bob-
basically a bob which goes short in back 
down to long in front... 
but with layering in the back for a sexy edgy look.

Lets just say...
I didn't think she could get any hotter or sexier
and then BAM!
Take a look at her journey:

Before cut and color:

During the process: 

Post color, pre cut:

During the cut:

 After the cut, pre texturizing and personalizing: 

Completely done!!! :

Ta da!!!
There ya have it..
the beautiful, sexy Karla
with her fabulous new cut and color!!

What do ya guys think!??


  1. Its cute! I wish my hair would stay straight enough to do cuts like that, not to mention I wish I had the guts to do cuts like that!

  2. So cute :) And the model was b-e-a-utiful!

  3. Karla looks beautiful! I love that cut!!