Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Going Strong All Week Long

I feel so at ease knowing I am 
not alone in the weight gain/loss journey.
Thank you all for your constant support
and uplifting to help me get back on the healthy train.
I cannot do this without you all,
trust me... I've tried.

I've been dieting or clean eating
now for a week and let me just tell you...
I did it!
Yes one week sounds ridiculous
and rejoicing over the hills about it.
But I made the weekend,
and not by a little bit.
By a lot!
The weekends are definitely the hardest,
you never know what you might encounter,
food wise that is.
This weekend I had an idea but still,
ya never really know.

My sisters surprise engagement was at a German restaurant.
I've never actually eaten German food,
but I know it's a lot of schnitzle.
I was nervous about eating out,
like anxiously nervous because I want to do this.
And when it came time to eat,
I had very small portions and not a lot at all.
They had vegetables and fruit,
which I indulged in with nothing on them.
I had absolutely no dessert and didn't even know if there was any offered.
What I don't know won't tempt me.

Sunday I ate at my parents house
to celebrate the engagement with a small piece of swordfish.

I also want to tell you all how great and energized I feel since
being strict with my eating.
I don't feel bloated anymore,
which is huge cause it means I'm eating the right things.
I feel so much more energized 
and like I could run a ton of marathons in one day.
It's definitely changing my life,
and with the way I feel I don't
want to go back to my bad habits.

Every morning I have two of these peanut butter balls:
One cup oats, peanut butter, chocolate chips.
2/3 of a cup of honey.
Mix together, put in the fridge for at least a half hour,
roll into balls, and store in the fridge.
They keep you extremely full for a long time,
that's what I love most about them.

Every afternoon for lunch I have a salad 
loaded with veggies, some chickpeas, some
fresh mozzerella and oil&vinegar:
I also pair up my salad with fresh fruit.
Summer is the best time for fruit,
why not indulge.

Dinners are the hardest,
I've been really good about it,
but you have to know and be diligent about portion sizes.

Here is a pointer for you all:
* Make your lunches and breakfasts at the beginning of the week.
We would buy the stuff but get lazy after shopping
and never make them.
Most stupid mistake for me at least.
Now that everything is premade,
I go in the fridge and grab what I need.
Bam! No excuse to why I don't have it.

More good news in the weight loss area:
I was talking to my mom who loves helping 
and is the best woman ever...
I told her I am not going to quit and that I wish
I could go to the gym.
I absolutely loved going to the gym when we lived in the apt before this one.
And recently, a 24 hour gym opened by school.
Since finances are super tight,
I gave up trying to sign up at the gym.
I told my amazing mother,
she's going to help me with the membership
so I can go :).
I can't wait.

How is your clean eating, dieting, exercising going?!



  1. On the for real.. do those peanut butter balls fill you up? Cause I'd just pop 'em like coke.

  2. I'm so excited for you!! I really need to change my eating habits, and I just might try those peanut butter balls. And I hope that I can join a gym really soon also!

  3. How I missed this post, I have no idea. Anyway--- I just wanted to say... what a great idea to pack your lunches before the week even starts. That's a huge help. I never even thought of that. Looks like that's what I'll be doing on Sunday! =D Good for you Nicole! So happy for ya! =D =D