Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our BIG Announcement Revealed

The other day,
I posted our weekend shenanies
kept you all in suspense about some big news
Sir Dan and I have to share.

And by this point I can already tell
what you all are thinking.
And it has nothing to do with being P
or having a B.

it does have a lot to do with moving
and B our very own H.
And if you have no idea what I'm talking about
thank you Forgetting Sarah Marshall for that reference
Sir Dan and I are officially homeowners!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woot woot!!! 
It has honestly been a long road,
none of which I have shared on here because
everything was so up in the air at all times.
My bestie Karla has known about our struggles the whole time...
but only a select few even knew about what was happening.

The story goes something like this:
After Costa Rica, 
our lease was up and we decided to go month to month for a while,
just in case we found something a little cheaper.
My aunt who's a realtor called me in excitement one day
and told me to just think about looking at these brand new condos
going up in the center of town.
Sir Dan and I went to check them out and of course,
being new and not even complete yet,
fell in love with them.
The only issue I had was there was little to no counter space 
in the kitchen and I can't live without a functioning kitchen.
We did all the math and estimates and found we'd be paying the same
with everything included as we are for rent now.
But we'd own it.
And because I'm currently not working,
we'd be eligible for affordable housing!
We submitted the paperwork and were number 3 in line
for two of the afforable units.
The first 2 didn't qualify because they made too much,
so we figured it were all set because I'm working part time.
It was 90% our unit... Lucky number 7!
That week we found out that they were looking only at our 2012
taxes and we made too much as a couple :(
We were bummed but figured everything happens for a reason.
The week went on and we moved on figuring we'd stay where we are.
Until one day my aunt calls me up saying that if there was a significant
loss of income in 2013 we could still qualify.
That day I was running around like a nut getting my resignation papers
and my enrollment papers.
This past Friday my aunt calls 
(approx. 3 days later)
squeeling on the phone while I'm out to lunch.
Lucky number 7 pulled through and it's all ours!!!

The estimated finish date is about 50 days from now.
We are hoping to close around my birthday-
I mean how great of a birthday present is that!??!
We can walk anywhere,
it's 5 minutes from my parents,
there's restaurants all over the place...
we couldn't have found anything better for where we are 
in our lives right now.
It's 3 floors with a one and a half car garage,
2 bedrooms each with a full bath,
and a half a bath downstairs.

Now we are finalizing all the mortgage crap,
and lemme tell ya,
it is crap!
The stress and anxiety of percentages
and underwriters and...
It's enough to make us say forget about it.
But we are almost there and received more good news today.

Here are some pictures of our humble home:

Standing in the dining room,
looking into the living room

We are going to add a breakfast bar starting from the right wall
and coming over a ways for more counter/cabinet space

Ginormous patio with beautiful receding wall.
So there you have it ladies and gents.
Our new home :)
Now to start packing which is the absolute worst!
I'll have to look to Karla for advice!!

Stay tuned...
tomorrow I share some awesome pictures
from our one year anniversary shoot!!



  1. Yipee! Congrats, congrats, congrats! Enjoy every second of it - as tedious as it is :)

  2. Congratulations Nicole & Dan! Homeownership is the best thing Matt & I have ever done (so far)! My advice about all your anxiety, is honestly just to gloss over all the numbers. The only number that counts in the end is what you are paying monthly. I'm serious, just don't think about all the big numbers, because unlike renting, at least all your $$ is going somewhere!

  3. Congratulations, girl! How exciting!! I continually pray for the day my husband and I will reach the stage you and Dan are in. What a huge blessing! Good luck with all of the packing, my friend! :)

  4. YAYAYAYYY! Congratulations!!

  5. YAYAYAYAYAY for being homeowners!! Congrats!! I'm so happy for you!!