Monday, March 25, 2013

A golden weekend recap

Happy Monday all!! 
Stoppin in to give you all a little
look into my fun weekend.

If you follow me on the insti
you know that I had quite the 
fun and exciting weekend.

As per usual- 
except a gazillion pictures.
Sorry, I'm not sorry!

Friday after school- some friends and I
hit up McGuire's for happy hour.
And were all pleasantly surprised when a gentleman
offered to buy us two rounds of shots.
Friday was also date night.
A much needed date night.
Saturday was a HUGE day for me at school.
A friend of mine has been wanting an ombre and cut
for a while. 
And Saturday, I made that happen.
It was nerve racking but came out amazing!!

Saturday night was spent celebrating my sisters Golden Birthday!
And boy oh boy did we celebrate.
Dancing, drinking, laughing, shots, oh vey!

Sunday was recovery day with my puppies.
And a future tattoo idea ;)

There you have it.
My amaze balls weekend.
And tonight I am working.
Goodbye weekend.
Hello being an adult.

Ta ta for now <3


Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome to the Gun Show

Life lately has been anything but calm, cool, and collective.
It has been fun, crazy, and busy.
Not only has school been taking up most of my time
and energy with being the best that I can,
but work, my marriage, family and friends has been crazy too.

And with a crazy schedule,
I was finding it hard to fit in Pump.
I actually gave it up for a couple weeks
because I wasn't seeing the results
I wanted as fast as I wanted and because
of my schedule.

I found that I missed it.
I missed pushing myself to be better,
to feel better about myself.
Sir Dan was still at it,
he had never stopped.
He missed days but just pushed back
that exercise until the next time.

I decided to get back at it.
Just because I wasn't seeing results right away,
doesn't mean I wasn't getting results.
I felt better when I worked out,
both inside and out.

We also have a lot of fun when we work out together.
We crack jokes about some of the people
in the DVDs and what they're doing. 
We push and motivate each other along the way.
Workouts are getting harder and more intense,
but together we can achieve anything. 

We've been doing great at watching what we eat
and are both still actively doing LoseIt! on our iPhones.

both Sir Dan and I have noticed more results:
every night we flex our abs and actually can
feel them more closely than we thought.
There's definition in my arms and legs,
and I feel stronger.
And those are all the results I need.
I don't go on any scale,
I don't measure anything,
I'm going by how I feel...
and I'm loving it :)
plus- some of the men that are on the DVDs are super
hot and motivating ;)


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Love vs Infatuation- part deux

I wrote part uno of this with absolutely
no intention of writing a part two.
But lately,
I've been reading a lot of mushy gushy posts
about love for their husbands
and how great being a newlywed is.
I'm not jumpin on the wagon here,
however I have never wrote why
Sir Dan is the perfect guy for me.
Last night while we were making dinner,
which consisted of Annie's Organic Mac and Cheese,
is when I came up with this great idea.

So here ya go...
why Sir Dan is my man:
in no particular order

* We rarely fight- yup you read that correctly. We don't really even bicker
towards each other. We are a lot alike when it comes to sarcasm, serious situations,
being funny, life choices, and how to handles situations. We have had
in all the years we've been together, maybe 3 big fights. We talk it out when
we have an issue or concern and we normally can joke about it.
* He has the same goals- buying a house, getting a dog or two, when we 
plan on having children, jobs, etc. 
* He wants to travel and go on as many adventures as I do
* He doesn't mind when I talk about sex... he kinda enjoys it
* He makes sure that I'm ok before he is- I'll come home from school/work 
and sit on the couch. The first thing he does is start rubbing my feet. I don't ask,
he just does it even though he's had an equally rough day.
* He literally makes me laugh all the time, sometimes by doing nothing in particular- another example: last night we were laying in bed watching the snow fall when he got up and shut the curtains.
 He pulled so hard (I think on purpose) that the other side wasn't covered... 
I was hysterically laughing.
I guess you had to be there but it was funny. I think it was more funny
because he didn't know he did it until he laid back down.
* He surprises me- it can be simple or barely anything but he does it often.
* He doesn't drink... at all- DD for the rest of my life. Enough said
* He is unconditionally supportive of me- especially when it comes to me living my dream
of being a professional cosmetologist.
* As I'm writing this he just yells down: I almost fell into the tub, I thought you'd 
like that because I know you'd giggle... it's the stupid things.
* Aaanndd these:
* Because we never have to prove our love.

I love you forever,
or until the zombie apocalypse where we will
have to kill each other for survival <3


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Big Announcement!!

For the last couple days,
Sir Dan and I have been dying to tell 
all you blog buds some major news:

Nope... no babies aboard this broad.
Seems like the new thing is to get preggo.
Just wanted to let everybody know that
we are definitely NOT joining that group.

But I really do have exciting news,
I wouldn't get you all worked up for nothing.

Yup that's right!!! 
I'll be cutting and coloring my first client
this Saturday...
by myself.
With the assistance of a teacher
when needed.
I will be practicing the rest of the week to 
get the colors and cut perfect.
She is a friend of mine which helps,
but I want to make it perfect.
She is getting an ombre like the one above,
but instead of red it'll be brown to blond.
And because she is not a mannequin,
the blond will be bleached out and bright :).
I am beyond excited!!!!!
And so is my friend.
Obviously pictures to come :)


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Talk Dirty to Me

Hello there my sexy blog buds.
It's time for round deux ooofff....

All ya gotta do is follow me
and spread the word.
Don't forget to add your linkup at the bottom ;)
The more the sexier!

This weeks question:
Do you prefer wining and dining (foreplay) or do 
you like to get right to it? Explain each...
for example- wining and dining: kissing more intimately at a party to 
set the mood... etc.
Interpret this question however you see fit ;)

For me personally, I love being wined and dined.
Jumping right into the main course does happen
every once in a while,
but it just lacks that spark and romance for me.
I know the mood is set when kissing gets deeper,
more touching and grazing,
and then that need and desperation comes along for the main course.
It just makes the mood and pleasure that much better.

Linkup below!!!

Want to get a headstart on next weeks question?
Here ya go:
Are you a fan of teasing your significant other? Do you like being teased??
Explain either way.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Le Newlyweddish Gameh

Welcome to this weeks rendition of

sorry this is so long...
you can totally skip over where we got 
excessively detailed for question #3- our typical night home.
The rest is worth that one being skipped.
Don't forget to try out Naughty Talk Tuesday
my new linkup... the question can be found ^^^ there.
Happy Friday.
You'll all be receiving a boring post on Monday
because I am working nonstop-
downfall of working at an irish restaurant on
St. Patty's Day.

So here's what you've all been waiting for!!!
Enjoy :)

Our first picture:


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Is it Love or Infatuation

Have you ever known somebody,
or a couple people for that matter,
who start seeing somebody and three days later
say those three magical words to each other??

When I was in grammar school,
and I would have a boyfriend every other week,
which obviously meant that we were in a super serious relationship
of walking down the halls together,
I love you meant absolutely nothing.
Nothing more than the poop I took earlier that day.

As I got older,
and more mature,
I started understanding more and more
exactly what those three little words meant.
They weren't just words in the English language.
There is more.

When I started dating my first boyfriend,
I resisted saying those words because I was scared.
Scared of my feelings.
But eventually I knew what I was feeling was true.

When I started seeing Dan,
I knew that he was the one,
but I also knew that in the beginning of most relationships
is something known as infatuation-
the feeling that you can't live without that person,
also mistaken for love.
there is a difference between the two...
a big difference.
Infatuation is defined as foolish or extravagant passion.
Love is to have affection for, to have a strong liking for or take great pleasure in.
Now those are dictionary definitions 
and I think infatuation is right now.
Love is something you can't explain,
it's something you feel.

There are always those people that
say those three magical words
without knowing the true meaning
or actually feeling love for another person.
Those people that say those three words
after meeting once or twice.
Sir Dan says I'm thinking this through too much,
but it's so annoying and immature
to say those magical words without
any true emotion or feeling...
more to just say it and try to prove something.
Those people give us a bad rep-
those of us who actually feel love for another person.

I make sure to not say anything without either
thinking it through or actually meaning what I'm saying.
For instance-
I rarely say I hate another person because hate has such a powerful meaning,
like love.

The moral of the story-
think about what you're saying,
or trying to prove,
before actually saying something or flashing it on 
every social media site.
Be mature about love.
Be sure about love.


is love.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Naughty Talk Tuesdddaayyy

Hello my sexy ladies.
It's time for the first of hopefully many
Naughty Talk Tuesday's.
Each week there'll be a new question.
It'll be something fun and sexy,
always different. 
Feel free to be open and honest.
This is a no judgement zone!
It's a fun linkup,
a place to be ourselves!
There are no rules,
just follow me and spread the word!
The more the sexier.

This weeks question:
What place(s) or way can your significant other
touch you to get your engine going??
For Sir Dan, it's not hard to get my engine goin...
However, the key places for me are my ears and my neck.
Oh my goodness!! As soon as he touches, kisses, grazes, looks towards...
there goes everything and I'm rarin to go! 
My neck is my favorite place tho. I used to hate love bites 
or hick marks as I use to call them...
but it just feels ssoo freakin great when Sir Dan bites my neck.
When we are out,
all he has to do is grab my neck and pull me in for a kiss
and I know what's happening when we get home.
Also, Sir Dan has this sexy little smirk that he gives
when we are out that shows me he wants me as bad as I want him.
Uh just thinking about it makes me melt.

Now it's your turn!! 
Don't be shy or embarrassed,
have fun with it :D!!

Wanna get a jump on next weeks question??
Here it is for ya:
Do you prefer wining and dining (foreplay) or do 
you like to get right to it? Explain each...
for example- wining and dining: kissing more intimately at a party to 
set the mood... etc.
Interpret this question however you see fit ;)