Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Is it Love or Infatuation

Have you ever known somebody,
or a couple people for that matter,
who start seeing somebody and three days later
say those three magical words to each other??

When I was in grammar school,
and I would have a boyfriend every other week,
which obviously meant that we were in a super serious relationship
of walking down the halls together,
I love you meant absolutely nothing.
Nothing more than the poop I took earlier that day.

As I got older,
and more mature,
I started understanding more and more
exactly what those three little words meant.
They weren't just words in the English language.
There is more.

When I started dating my first boyfriend,
I resisted saying those words because I was scared.
Scared of my feelings.
But eventually I knew what I was feeling was true.

When I started seeing Dan,
I knew that he was the one,
but I also knew that in the beginning of most relationships
is something known as infatuation-
the feeling that you can't live without that person,
also mistaken for love.
there is a difference between the two...
a big difference.
Infatuation is defined as foolish or extravagant passion.
Love is to have affection for, to have a strong liking for or take great pleasure in.
Now those are dictionary definitions 
and I think infatuation is right now.
Love is something you can't explain,
it's something you feel.

There are always those people that
say those three magical words
without knowing the true meaning
or actually feeling love for another person.
Those people that say those three words
after meeting once or twice.
Sir Dan says I'm thinking this through too much,
but it's so annoying and immature
to say those magical words without
any true emotion or feeling...
more to just say it and try to prove something.
Those people give us a bad rep-
those of us who actually feel love for another person.

I make sure to not say anything without either
thinking it through or actually meaning what I'm saying.
For instance-
I rarely say I hate another person because hate has such a powerful meaning,
like love.

The moral of the story-
think about what you're saying,
or trying to prove,
before actually saying something or flashing it on 
every social media site.
Be mature about love.
Be sure about love.


is love.