Monday, March 25, 2013

A golden weekend recap

Happy Monday all!! 
Stoppin in to give you all a little
look into my fun weekend.

If you follow me on the insti
you know that I had quite the 
fun and exciting weekend.

As per usual- 
except a gazillion pictures.
Sorry, I'm not sorry!

Friday after school- some friends and I
hit up McGuire's for happy hour.
And were all pleasantly surprised when a gentleman
offered to buy us two rounds of shots.
Friday was also date night.
A much needed date night.
Saturday was a HUGE day for me at school.
A friend of mine has been wanting an ombre and cut
for a while. 
And Saturday, I made that happen.
It was nerve racking but came out amazing!!

Saturday night was spent celebrating my sisters Golden Birthday!
And boy oh boy did we celebrate.
Dancing, drinking, laughing, shots, oh vey!

Sunday was recovery day with my puppies.
And a future tattoo idea ;)

There you have it.
My amaze balls weekend.
And tonight I am working.
Goodbye weekend.
Hello being an adult.

Ta ta for now <3



  1. Mondays stink but snow day Mondays are the best and I'm relaxing while off of work - for now, still have the PT job tonight :(

  2. I love that ombre look! Glad you had such a good weekend! (:

  3. Great job on your friends hair! Looks like you also had a great weekend!