Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend-ish Happenings

Howdy Ho fellow blog buds.
It's Monday,
the last day of my weekend!
Weekends are just flying by...
so is school!
I already am at 125 hours in just 3 weeks.
I'll be on the floor taking clients in no time.

Lets start off by sharing my new do with you all
Remember how I told you that I have bangs
but never wear them down cause I look terrible with them?
Well... beauty school has its perks!
I finally got my bangs to work,
and am super super blond!!
I am beyond in love with my hair
and according to everybody I know,
they are too :)

So what's a girl to do with a new do on the weekend?
Obviously hit up our favorite local bar to start it off right!

Saturday after school we celebrated Dans step moms 
50th birthday with a surprise party

Sunday was spent visiting both of our families
and relaxing.

And today is spent relaxing and visiting the hubs at work.
I am also in desperate need of shirts for school,
so maybe doing that as well :)

Happy Monday.



  1. I think your bangs look adorable! I'm always going through stages, cutting mine then wanting to grow them out. I love the nails! ;)

  2. Cute haircut! I'm in dire need of a trim, or at least cut to make it healthy and I just can't get myself to the salon to do it. I'm always afraid they are going to cut it too short!

  3. love those nails, they are super pretty.