Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I like lemonade.

I am actually writing this post on behalf of 
one of my bestest best friends.
We are extremely similar and a lot alike in all
aspects of our lives.
We've married our soulmates,
love girly things like getting our hair done,
nails, clothes, makeup... the list could go on forever.
We love wine.
We are extremely optomistic and positive.
We strive to be the best we can,
both in and out of our marriage.
You get the point.

This past Sunday she texted me a very disturbing story
about some things going on with her in-laws.
Now I'm not naming any names,
but this hurt me that her family would be talking about her
like this, that I felt obligated to talk about it.

Her gram in law reads her blog every day.
Which at first I thought was great and really cool.
her grams felt disrespected on the blog and printed out posts
where my friend mentions 'inlaws family.'
Her gram confronted my friends husband 
her gram is their landlord and lives right next door
when he went to bring over the rent check while my friend was still at home next door.
My friend didn't know what her hubs was doing after about an hour
cause all he was doing was bringing over the money.
Naturally, she got worried.
What if something happened to the grandma or her hubs?
My friend called her hub a couple times to see if all was ok.
After he got home,
she received an email from gram
which in a nut shell said:
that her grandson deserves better than my friend,
and how dare she call him when he's with her...
amongst other extremely rude accusations.
My friend knew since her gram reads her blog every day,
that she'd have to write something positive showing she wasn't affected for today.
And she did just that.
And I couldn't be any more proud to call her my friend.

I can't believe that anybody, let alone family and friends,
could be so rude and horrible towards somebody over their thoughts!
This is her blog. 
Her little piece of the webz where she could be herself.
Not anybody elses.
Any guy would be lucky and privelaged to have her as their wife.
And I know her hubs feels that way as well.
I read her blog every day and cannot for the life of me,
remember a post where she disrespects his family.
She is just not that person!
She's overly positive and happy,
and would never purposefully write something disrespectful
or even slightly hurtful for that matter.

So ladies and gents 
if there are any of you out there reading this
the moral of this story is:
When life gives you lemons-
make as much lemonade as you can!!
There are going to be horrible, rude, mean, over dramatic, selfish, and drama causing
people out there that just want to bring you down to their nasty level.
Don't do it! 
Be yourself!!
Don't be somebody you aren't because somebody has wrongly judged you.

And to my friend:
Don't you DARE change one bit.
You are perfect just the way you are :)



  1. Oh my, I had something similar happen with my stepmom. I had a different blog before this, on a site called xanga, and somehow she found out about it. Which there was nothing wrong with it, I never wrote bad on it, etc, but apparently she felt that I was disrespectful when people were commenting to me about things. So yes, she printed out the entries and apparently kept them in her "I hate my stepkids" folder and has on occasion remind me that I wrote them. Now that I think about it, she hasn't in a few years but she has that line drawn between the two families. And all it was, was pouring out my heart to figure out why things were happening. Kudos to your friend and in-laws, step families, all of them are just not normal...and yes don't let your friend change a bit! :)

  2. Your title is very deceiving. ;) But I like this post. Real, down-to-earth posts are my favorite.

    Anyways, I really hope your friend and her in-laws work whatever it is out. I don't like when people are rude to each other.

  3. Wow, thats crazy.
    I guess I'm luckY my family has been nice to me so I don't feel the need to trash talk them. Beacause, unlike your friend, I would. and that would be dumb - they all read it.

    Good for her. I can't believe that would happen in real life, but she definitely did the right thing. I'm impressed.