Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Naughty Talk Tuesdddaayyy

Hello my sexy ladies.
It's time for the first of hopefully many
Naughty Talk Tuesday's.
Each week there'll be a new question.
It'll be something fun and sexy,
always different. 
Feel free to be open and honest.
This is a no judgement zone!
It's a fun linkup,
a place to be ourselves!
There are no rules,
just follow me and spread the word!
The more the sexier.

This weeks question:
What place(s) or way can your significant other
touch you to get your engine going??
For Sir Dan, it's not hard to get my engine goin...
However, the key places for me are my ears and my neck.
Oh my goodness!! As soon as he touches, kisses, grazes, looks towards...
there goes everything and I'm rarin to go! 
My neck is my favorite place tho. I used to hate love bites 
or hick marks as I use to call them...
but it just feels ssoo freakin great when Sir Dan bites my neck.
When we are out,
all he has to do is grab my neck and pull me in for a kiss
and I know what's happening when we get home.
Also, Sir Dan has this sexy little smirk that he gives
when we are out that shows me he wants me as bad as I want him.
Uh just thinking about it makes me melt.

Now it's your turn!! 
Don't be shy or embarrassed,
have fun with it :D!!

Wanna get a jump on next weeks question??
Here it is for ya:
Do you prefer wining and dining (foreplay) or do 
you like to get right to it? Explain each...
for example- wining and dining: kissing more intimately at a party to 
set the mood... etc.
Interpret this question however you see fit ;)



  1. I love that you are doing this.

  2. So I suck and I slept half the day away, but I will be doing this as soon as I'm done peeling potatoes!
    I'm still excited for it!

  3. I wanted to do this but my hubby was reluctant so I wasnt able to get in on the fun