Thursday, March 21, 2013

Love vs Infatuation- part deux

I wrote part uno of this with absolutely
no intention of writing a part two.
But lately,
I've been reading a lot of mushy gushy posts
about love for their husbands
and how great being a newlywed is.
I'm not jumpin on the wagon here,
however I have never wrote why
Sir Dan is the perfect guy for me.
Last night while we were making dinner,
which consisted of Annie's Organic Mac and Cheese,
is when I came up with this great idea.

So here ya go...
why Sir Dan is my man:
in no particular order

* We rarely fight- yup you read that correctly. We don't really even bicker
towards each other. We are a lot alike when it comes to sarcasm, serious situations,
being funny, life choices, and how to handles situations. We have had
in all the years we've been together, maybe 3 big fights. We talk it out when
we have an issue or concern and we normally can joke about it.
* He has the same goals- buying a house, getting a dog or two, when we 
plan on having children, jobs, etc. 
* He wants to travel and go on as many adventures as I do
* He doesn't mind when I talk about sex... he kinda enjoys it
* He makes sure that I'm ok before he is- I'll come home from school/work 
and sit on the couch. The first thing he does is start rubbing my feet. I don't ask,
he just does it even though he's had an equally rough day.
* He literally makes me laugh all the time, sometimes by doing nothing in particular- another example: last night we were laying in bed watching the snow fall when he got up and shut the curtains.
 He pulled so hard (I think on purpose) that the other side wasn't covered... 
I was hysterically laughing.
I guess you had to be there but it was funny. I think it was more funny
because he didn't know he did it until he laid back down.
* He surprises me- it can be simple or barely anything but he does it often.
* He doesn't drink... at all- DD for the rest of my life. Enough said
* He is unconditionally supportive of me- especially when it comes to me living my dream
of being a professional cosmetologist.
* As I'm writing this he just yells down: I almost fell into the tub, I thought you'd 
like that because I know you'd giggle... it's the stupid things.
* Aaanndd these:
* Because we never have to prove our love.

I love you forever,
or until the zombie apocalypse where we will
have to kill each other for survival <3



  1. This made my day. I love you guys. The end.

  2. You sound just like my hubby with your zombie apocalypse theory - and I know my hubby would have no problem killing me if need be in that time of survival ;)