Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome to the Gun Show

Life lately has been anything but calm, cool, and collective.
It has been fun, crazy, and busy.
Not only has school been taking up most of my time
and energy with being the best that I can,
but work, my marriage, family and friends has been crazy too.

And with a crazy schedule,
I was finding it hard to fit in Pump.
I actually gave it up for a couple weeks
because I wasn't seeing the results
I wanted as fast as I wanted and because
of my schedule.

I found that I missed it.
I missed pushing myself to be better,
to feel better about myself.
Sir Dan was still at it,
he had never stopped.
He missed days but just pushed back
that exercise until the next time.

I decided to get back at it.
Just because I wasn't seeing results right away,
doesn't mean I wasn't getting results.
I felt better when I worked out,
both inside and out.

We also have a lot of fun when we work out together.
We crack jokes about some of the people
in the DVDs and what they're doing. 
We push and motivate each other along the way.
Workouts are getting harder and more intense,
but together we can achieve anything. 

We've been doing great at watching what we eat
and are both still actively doing LoseIt! on our iPhones.

both Sir Dan and I have noticed more results:
every night we flex our abs and actually can
feel them more closely than we thought.
There's definition in my arms and legs,
and I feel stronger.
And those are all the results I need.
I don't go on any scale,
I don't measure anything,
I'm going by how I feel...
and I'm loving it :)
plus- some of the men that are on the DVDs are super
hot and motivating ;)


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