Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Let's talk about it...

All right ladies.
It's time to talk about my favorite topic.
I hope you all just thought of Salt n' Pepa
How many of you are already uncomfortable?
Well, try to push that all aside.
I promise this is not the birds and the bees.
I'll make it fun...
that's what she said ;)

I'm one of the few people in this world
that has absolutely no problem talking about sex
or anything related to it.
It's fun and natural
and feels great too!
 I am very open with talking about sex.
As most people say:
Nicole has a dirty mind
Your mind is always in the gutter.
Well that is true, but not always.
A lot of people are scared of the word
or to even mention it.
But why??
There's nothing wrong with sex.
A lot of people actually want to talk about it,
but are nervous of what people might say.
Don't be!!
So I'm taking some time and space on my little 
space of the interwebz
to be open and honest about SEX!

Sir Dan and I take trips to our local VIP store 
very intimate pleasures
and have a great time there.
Sir Dan normally hits me with a dick
and I whip him into shape! Haha
One of the biggest stereotypes about newlyweds
and being married in general is:
No more sex!
After the honeymoon,
sex doesn't exist.
^this happens
I'm here to tell you,
that is just simply not true.
Not even a little bit.
I mean maybe for some people,
but definitely NOT for Sir Dan and I.
We lead a very, veerrryy active sex life.
And unfortunately,
we know a lot of couples who are bored with it.
Whether it be because they are with their partner for a long time,
they don't like it,
or they just aren't into it.
And it makes me sad.
One of the main reasons people cheat is because
they aren't getting some at home!

We keep things interesting and aren't afraid to try something new.
From what I've gathered about those stereotypical
sexless married and even unmarried couples say,
this is where they are lacking.
Just like trying a new food:
if you don't like it, ya spit it out and move on.

Sir Dan and I made a pact when we were dating,
never stop having sex.
And to this day,
we've kept our pact.
If you ask my sister
who is one of those who thinks sex is eh
Dan and I don't stop.
this was just too funny not to include
As we put it:
we are just practicing making babies.

So now it's your turn:
Are you and your partner part of the stereotype
or do you try to keep things lively in the bedroom??
What did you think about this post?
Would you like me to write a sequel or stop here?

Let me know
and don't be shy!
You can even comment anonymously if you wanna
participate but are embarrassed :)



  1. haha what a great post! Hubby and I aren't strangers to this world but I do have to say once we got married, its not as often persay but that's his fault in all aspects. He's heavily influenced by his friends and he's supposed to be going to NOLA for a bach party in May...if he reaches his goal. I know that when they went down there for his bach party, things happened - I'm not stupid and hubby isn't that great of a liar. So knowing this, hubby has a goal with me in terms of sex before he goes off with this group of guys who all don't care if they cheat, flirt, etc with women because they don't like their wives. We'll see what happens!

  2. My husband and I both actively enjoy sex after marriage. It slowed down a little, just because life is so dang busy, and there are days we are just both exhausted, but it has never stopped. Only lately have we hit small dry spell, but only because i'm eight weeks along and have felt more nauseous and exhausted than I have felt good. Hopefully it will pick back up, because I, for one, miss it. lol

  3. I wish we could be more "active." Hubby works the midnight shift 5 days a week so we don't really see each other at all during the week except when I kiss him goodbye in the mornings. Then to try to make extra money, he works half a day on Saturday so he is usually pooped on the weekends and uses them to try to catch up on sleep.

    Hopefully it won't be this way forever, but for now it is what it is :)

  4. That gingerbread picture, Oh-mah-gah! I love it! lol
    You crack me up. I think you and I are just alike when it comes to sex. I have no issue with it, or talking about it. I'm actually a bit of a perv. lol I think "like a guy" a lot of the time.
    As someone who has been with the same man for almost 10 years. We have definitely hit dry spells at times, for various reasons. & I've noticed that it can get a little monotonous, BUT like you said, you have to actively keep it interesting, even if it's a different position, something new, or even doing it at a different time of the day/night or in a different place. ;) Learn to embrace the quickies when that may be all you can get for the time being & also don't let the foreplay stop. That happened to us for a while. It was just like going through the motions, still enjoyable & felt good, just not the same...
    Although, one thing I'm a little awkward on sometimes is dirty talk. Sometimes I'm just like "uhhh...."
    My poor hubby though, I always want it. Even when we're done & he's tuckered out, I'm all, "round 2?!" lol.
    & instead of "Let's Talk About Sex", "Sexy Noises Turn Me On" by Salt N Pepa is what popped into my head. lol

  5. Zach and I don't have sex right now. We do other things, but sex is not one of them. Since we're not married yet, we don't want to take any chances, and we're too paranoid that any form of birth control won't work that one time, so yeah. But don't you worry, once we're married, I'm sure sex will not be in short supply. Not with the way Zach thinks. ;)

  6. Thank you!! I don't think I've ever read about a blogger talking about sex and I always wondered if it was a "blog rule". Not that I like those but ya know! We have an active sex life. Even if I'm not in the mood at the time, I know it's important to our relationship so I'll do it. And that generally makes the mood ;) I don't blog about it though because of family.

    I'd love a sequel, hell even more than one!