Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Talk Dirty to Me

Hello there my sexy blog buds.
It's time for round deux ooofff....

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This weeks question:
Do you prefer wining and dining (foreplay) or do 
you like to get right to it? Explain each...
for example- wining and dining: kissing more intimately at a party to 
set the mood... etc.
Interpret this question however you see fit ;)

For me personally, I love being wined and dined.
Jumping right into the main course does happen
every once in a while,
but it just lacks that spark and romance for me.
I know the mood is set when kissing gets deeper,
more touching and grazing,
and then that need and desperation comes along for the main course.
It just makes the mood and pleasure that much better.

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Want to get a headstart on next weeks question?
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Are you a fan of teasing your significant other? Do you like being teased??
Explain either way.


1 comment:

  1. Foreplay all the way! lol
    Lacking that is what can turn sex boring, or "going through the motions".