Monday, March 11, 2013

Shenanigans & A Sexy Linkup ;)

Well hello there little pretties.
It's a fabulous Monday here in CT-
the noise of construction outside my window,
slightly overcast,
and no sign of work or school all day.

**Don't forget to check out the question
for tomorrows linkup at the bottom of the post**

So how was everybody's weekend??
was great :)

Friday- was a snow day from school,
but I worked at night. 
It was a fun night at work,
those are always the best.

Saturday- I had school in the morning,
where I got to blow dry and finish a style on my sister.
Then brought our faves Karla and Scott
to our favorite bar/restaurant... 
the one where I work actually.

Sunday- Dan went up to his brothers.
I went to my parents
and then up to our family friends house
for one of my other faves 21st birthday celebrations.

Take a look at my weekend through piccy pics.
 this is why I love my sister <3

 Saturday before we headed out, I did Karla's makeup.
A slight hint of purple to match her necklace.
It came out fabulous.

 I change my nail color as much as my underwear haha.

the birthday boy hittin the schwepps a little too hard.

And now the moment you have all been waiting for...
the question to tomorrows first 
Naughty Talk Tuesday linkup!!!

Question: What place(s) or way can your significant other
touch you to get your engine going??



  1. Your hair is freaking FABULOUS. I want it.

  2. You & your sister look soo much alike!
    & Yayyy! Sexy time link-up! ;)