Thursday, June 27, 2013


Well hello there my fair ladies.
Doesn't that just remind you of the childhood rhyme?
(and yes I had to look up how to spell rhyme because it's just not normal).

the next day of our trip was spent again traveling the country side
to our next excursion:
white water tubing!!!
We had heard that this was a lot of fun from
some guests we met staying at our hotel,
and it was not on our original plan.
But papa stuck it in there and boy was it fun.

We first horseback rode through the country,
and I could't stop laughing.
Seeing my dad, sister, and Dan on a horse...
oh my gosh!
yes we all look like guys,
but I think I debriefed you all on this the other day :)
I almost fell off my horse I was laughing so hard!
We traveled for about a half hour,
stopped at a gorgeous waterfall/cliff that you could jump off of
(which we didn't know),

and ended up at the starting point to our next adventure.

We each had to carry our own 20 pound tube down to the water,
and off we went.
There were a ton of rapids!!
Like we didn't stop going through a rapid!
But when we did,
we had to paddle.
And it was ssoo hard!!! 
The current from the bigger rapids would suck you backwards,
I got stuck.
Don't worry I figured it out and Sir Dan stayed back with me.
My dad and sister kept going,
nice huh?!

Now they did tell us all about safety and what to do and not to do
before we went...
like how you can flip and what to do if you do.
Like don't stand up right away.
Guess who flipped?!
Thats right-
It wasn't bad but thank goodness for the helmets!
Rapids are made out of rocks ya know,
and when you flip you don't know which way is up.
But it wasn't bad at all,
actually quite fun!
Annndd I immediately stood up and hopped back on my tube.
Yea not suppose to do that.
Here's why:
If you stand up and get your ankle caught in the rocks,
the current can be super strong and literally break your ankle in half.
Smart little blond girl I am!

At the end,
the very last rapid was a 10 foot drop,
You literally got dunked underwater,
but came right back up...
The guides helped to make sure you didn't fall out,
but you were on your own!
So freakin awesome.

After we relaxed to the end,
we had to walk up a steep ass pathway,
with our 20 pound tube...
that part was not well thought out or fun.
But we made it :)

Have you ever been tubing down a river??
White water tubing?!
Leave me a comment below telling me all about it :)

Next time: Our encounter with Toby the monkey
and Minnie the howler monkey!
You won't want to miss this one!!


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