Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The First of Many Anniversaries

June 1st, 2012 
the best day of my life.
The day I walked down the aisle
and met the man of my dreams,
my best friend,
my soulmate.

As our first anniversary approached,
we knew we would be going to Costa Rica with my family
and celebrating a lot there
(it was an all inclusive resort after all ;).
But we wanted to do something small and special
before we left, just the two of us.

If you read a while back,
I wrote about our technical wedding date,
which actually worked out in our favor this year.
Since we were heading to the airport on our anniversary,
we decided to celebrate on Saturday May 25th.

We had first talked about recreating our first date,
but then as we were heading to dinner,
we discussed another option.
Whenever Sir Dan and I would go out on date nights,
we'd always head up to West Hartford and go to
The Cheesecake Factory.
Since there is always an hour or more wait,
we'd walk around the cute little town 
all romantic and mushy.
We couldn't head up to West Hartford,
 so we just decided to go to the local cheesecake factory.

It was much better than Olive Garden would have been
I can tell ya that...
and just like our years together before and during our relationship.
We talked and giggled,
just like we were on our first date.
I still get the butterflies and that romantic quivering
as if we hadn't been together for years.
Our first anniversary was exactly like we wanted,
small and romantic,
nothing too extreme (unless you count Costa Rica as extreme)...
and we ended with two amazing desserts:

Obviously we had to have the top tier of our wedding cake,
which was surprisingly delicious...
and we had strawberry shortcake at the restaurant.

When we got home from our wonderful dinner,
we decided to relive our wedding day with a little
bit of a cake fight.
I had an equal advantage this time instead of being
smushed in the face with cake :)

Since we have been super busy with school, work, life,
and everything else...
we both decided that we'd exchange gifts after vacation.
Sir Dans was suppose to be delivered today,
but UPS is a butt head and needed my signature.
I can't wait to share what I did for our 

What did YOU do for your first anniversary?
Leave your URL in a comment below :)

Stay tuned for our Costa Rican adventure!


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  1. For our one year last year, we gifted ourselves with a trip to Chicago:

    This year, year 2 which is cotton, we're gifting ourselves a trip to Branson or the Lake and I'm sure we'll be purchasing things that are cotton, ha. This will be end of July so stay tuned!